Child Molester Wins Appeal—Judge Was Too "Taser-y"

A predator has rights, too. A judge can’t just shock a guy over and over in open court. Because it’s...wrong? Right?

So convicted pedophile Terry Lee Morris of Texas has been granted a new trial due to alleged judicial misconduct in his 2014 trial, TheBlaze reports. The 8th Court of Appeals apparently concluded the original judge’s choice to “manage” Morris' defiant noncooperation with court proceedings by asking the bailiff to trigger the child predator‘s stun belt, thus instantly delivering 50,000 volts into his body—three times—was technically a violation of the “man’s” civil rights.

Being a Constitutionalist with strong conservatarian leanings myself, I have deep convictions on matters such as due process, the 8th Amendment, abuse of judicial power, and civil liberties. However, as a Dad of multiple daughters, and, as it so happens, a resident of the State of Texas, I can’t say I’m losing a whole lot of sleep over how Ben Franklin would feel about the electricity he discovered being used in a cavalier manner on a child abuser.

But, no. No, I don‘t disagree with the appeals court’s decision. Officially. They’re right, no matter how clear this creeper’s guilt was (for the record, if it were any more clear, it would rank as OT VIII in the Church of Scientology). It was wrong to keep zapping the perv without justification based in any threat of imminent violence—the device is sanctioned only for maintaining control of dangerous situations. It can’t be used as a tool of discipline—as I keep telling myself in my head. And I’m almost convinced. Totally.

So, I feel bad for the guy; and you should, too. That’s the principled position. Not laughter. Definitely not much internal laughter.

I don't feel bad for the child molester. I feel bad for the victims who now get to sit through a second trial all because this judge lacked the self-control to keep his hand off the zapper.

Sorry, no. Not one iota of sympathy. They should have handed the button for his stun belt to the parent of his victims.

I think we should let the jury mete out his sentence. Zapping is just so wrong. Who knows what crime will set the judge off again. Don’t get me wrong...this guy is despicable.

The only thing I feel bad about is that the judge decided to do something technically wrong in his court that may cause another court to let this defendant go free.


Mark, you nailed the problem.