Carrying North Korea's Water

Several U.S. news outlets are positioning Kim Jong Un's Sister, Kim Yo Jong as belle of the ball at the Olympics.

Just about a week and a half after the nation saw Ji Seong-Ho rise in the balcony after President Trump recounted his horrific story of torture and eventual heroic bid for freedom, U.S. media outlets are praising the sister of the brutal dictator of North Korea for her appearance at the Olympics.

In the article the outlet likens Kim Yo Jong as the North Korean answer to Ivanka Trump and praises her warm message in the Olympic guest book. It goes on to say she is one of her brother's most trusted advisors and functions as an informant for him. Yup, an "informant" for the guy who offs family members in his quest to consolidate and maintain power. Seems like an awesome job.

Is it just me, or does her message seem more ominous than heartwarming given North Korea sees unification under it's own dictatorial regime?

"I hope Pyongyang and Seoul get closer in our people's hearts and move forward the future of prosperous unification," she said in her guest book message, referring to the capitals of North and South Korea.

Not to be outdone by CNN, the Washington Post chimed in.

Guys, after coming out of the shadows following the death of her father this little bucket of joy has held two government jobs. She was Vice Director of the Worker's Party Propaganda and Agitation Department. This department's job is to ensure everyone appropriately idolizes Dear Leader. Now she is in the Organization and Guidance Department in charge of state security and the military. I would be absolutely shocked to learn she has ordered the deaths of various North Koreans (sarcasm) but by all means let's compare her to Ivanka Trump because you hate the President.

ABC decided to celebrate the North Korean cheerleading team. I think they are wearing masks of Kim Yo Jong, so you can take what you like from that.

I am sure these "cheerleaders" that exhibit military precision are totally there of their own free will after choosing this career. I bet none of them has ever been beaten for being off a beat or not kicking high enough, right?

Leave it Buzzfeed to bring a little sanity into the discussion. Yes, I said Buzzfeed. I can't find where this article was tweeted on the publications Twitter account, but is more accurate than any of the MSM outlets above. In case you need encouragement to click, here is a shot of the headline. Way to go Julia and David.

I've seen the urge to "resist" Trump make people say awful, hypocritical and inane things. I've seen Better Midler make jokes about the attack on Rand Paul. I've seen Stephen Colbert tweet awful and disgusting insults at women in Trump's administration. But after seeing a man riddled with bullets running across the DMZ, hearing from Otto Warmbier's parents and watching a man triumphantly hoist the crutches he hobbled to freedom on over his head, I don't know how any American media outlet can prop up the right hand woman of the monster responsible for it all.

So we are now surprised to see the American Complicit Agenda Media come out of the closet and openly admit to being nothing but the propaganda arm of the Left? Really? They have taken Identity Politics to a new low, swooning over a representative of a vicious and oppressive regime because she is rather attractive. At least Walter Duranty only represented one newspaper in his fervent support of Stalin and his purposeful starvation of millions of Ukrainians. Now we seem to have several media outlets fawning over an official of a regime starving an entire country and threatening to destroy our own.

The left wing MSM idolizes these dictators because they don't have a clue to the torture and suffering the people go through everyday. They believe the U.S would do a much better job of socialism and or communism if the likes of Obama,Hillary or Bernie was in charge and bothersome elections were done away with.The constitution is a antique relic . Who needs it ! Walk one day in the shoes of a North Korean,Cuban and see if they could stand up to the life style...NOT !! Gob Bless America.

I wish you were correct in that they just don't have a clue. I think the reality is much worse. They know and they just don't care. To them, government is supposed to be run in a totalitarian fashion, so long as the "correct" people are the ones holding the power (and of course, they have access to it). North Korea is an enemy of the U.S. Trump is the President. They are an enemy of Trump. So therefore, they are friends with North Korea. It preceded Trump and would be true if Ted Cruz were President too. It also goes beyond political into the spiritual. NK is a godless society (unless you count Little Kim as a god). They like and admire the ability of society to stamp out God from public. It is why they support Islamic terrorists, even though they would kill them just as fast as they would kill us. These are the only two reasons for their support and adulation for murderous regime such as North Korea. It is the only reason they can claim people that support securing the border are evil and then turn around and celebrate Communists regimes like Cuba and

Venezuela, who are brutal and inhumane far above anything a free society would ever tolerate.