Canada to US Illegals: Don't come Here

"You can't just come to Canada and cross the border and stay there the rest of your life."

It’s no secret that Americans—and the rest of the world—find President Donald Trump to be a bit, shall we say . . . unpredictable. Pertaining to the issue of illegal immigration, Trump’s actions (and potential actions) have been cause for alarm within the Canadian government. Why, you may ask? Because we share a border, and they are concerned that the president’s policies may cause a flood of illegal immigrants to make their way into Canada.

Because Trump ended special protections earlier this month to individuals living here with Temporary Protected Status from multiple countries (you remember the sh*thole controversy a few weeks ago?), the Canadian Government now worries that those same people—or others living here illegally—will make their way north for a new place to live.

Just last week Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dispatched Pablo Rodriguez, a member of Parliament and whip for the majority Liberal Party, for the fourth time, to the U.S. to spread the message: Canada’s not an option for you.

"You can't just come to Canada and cross the border and stay there the rest of your life," he said to a meeting of immigration attorneys and activists last week in California.

Huh. That’s interesting. I always thought Canada was so nice (well, unless you were waiting for a lifesaving operation, but that’s another topic for a different time). Maybe Rodriguez started with the stick but immediately brought out the carrot.

No, not really, because he went on to add that, "Canada is a very open country but there are rules."

Oh, dear. That doesn’t sound very inclusive, does it? Is Canada racist? I think that must be the only answer, since that’s what we’re forever being told each time someone mentions our “rules.” But wait, there’s more from the good member of Parliament:

"Because if you don't qualify . . . you will be returned and in this case not to the United States. You will have lost your status and would be returned to your country of origin."

What?! The Canadian government is threatening the heinous act of deportation?? In the same way that the former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, told Wolf Blitzer that if people crossed illegally into Mexico, he would “send back them”? I’m shocked—SHOCKED—I tell you! I am offended, outraged, and I may need a safe space.

And to think, all of these years, we’ve been told incessantly that if you want American immigration laws enforced, you’re a racist. But now we come to find out that Canadians, also, want their immigration laws enforced, and Mexico does as well. I had no idea they were racists, too.

I would’ve liked to have been able to reassure those racist haters up there in Canada not to worry, since President Trump basically offered amnesty at his State of the Union address Tuesday. But with the Democrats’ shameful and petulant behavior during the speech, it may trigger Trump’s reactionary ways, and he may take to Twitter and revoke the offer.

Let’s just hope that Canada renounces its cold-hearted and racist ways in the meantime.



You know what Canada has always done that America refused to do? Successfully kept illegal aliens from working. They don't worry so much about border security. Come on in! Visit all you want. But just try finding a job without papers. I have a friend who fled to Canada to escape an abusive boyfriend. She was free to cross the border back and forth as many times as she wanted. But she couldn't find work without a work visa. I ran into her at our local pharmacy because she had to come back here in order to fill her prescriptions. So, she also couldn't receive that famous free Canadian health care.


Now Canada is starting to understand . For Americans citizens it is also about the drain on the taxpayers money. The overload of the E.R in hospitals The deceases they bring in when they have not come in the front door to this country & been fully vetted & health checked. The lack of skills needed or wanted by America. The lack of education. These so called DACA recipients that we have gifted with educated & fed should now return to country of origin & use these skills to better improve the countries of their birth. They do speak the language do not be fooled & all have family members in those countries like 99% of any immigrants do


Wait one darn minute here. Wasn't it just after Trump got elected that the Canadians told our illegals to come to Canada? That they were welcome there? I know there were stories about illegals going trough N.H. etc to get over there and the Can. border patrol welcoming them with open arms. Now they say no way Jose, What gives?

American Patriot
American Patriot

To love the hypocrisy of that government they voted in Obama like slapped us complained about us saying that we were cold-hearted racist bigots and that Trump was the worst thing since the Antichrist now that there medical is overloaded homeless is on a rise crime is on the rise and they're taking away from the citizens of Canada and the citizens of Canada are mad now they've decided illegal immigration needs to not happen you got to love the left