Can't Touch This

Kate Upton shares her own #MeToo moment.

Like most red-blooded American men, I have a soft spot for Kate Upton, and it's not because she looks dynamite in a bikini. Well, okay--maybe that's not the only reason, although it is a pretty good one. But what's even better is that Upton really seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and a sassy wit to boot. She's not afraid to share a joke or two with her millions of Instagram followers and doesn't seem to take herself too seriously--quite the feat in this age of self-important celebrities who want everyone to know that they're People of Substance Who Really Care About the Issues, when they're not starring in a reboot of a spinoff to the sequel of some superhero movie that's really an allegory for corporate greed and global warming.

So anyway, when Kate Upton decided to share her own story of sexual harassment, she didn't strike me as another attention-seeking glamor gal hoping to hop on the latest social justice bandwagon. Upton already has all the attention she can handle, so I take her seriously when talks about her experience as a Guess model and the unwelcome attention she received at the hands of Paul Marciano, the 66 year old founder of the famous clothing company.

Kate said [Marciano] first preyed on her when she was 18 on the set of her first professional modelling campaign for Guess Lingerie in 2010.

She told Time magazine: “Paul came straight up to me, forcibly grabbed my breasts and started feeling them — playing with them, ­actually.

After I pushed him away, he said: ‘I’m making sure they’re real’.”

Ewww. Upton was young enough to be his granddaughter, for frak's sake.

She added: “At one point he forcibly grabbed the back of my head so that I could not move and started kissing my face and my neck.

“I had two options — do everything I could to wiggle away and avoid his pursuit, or punch the CEO of Guess. So I decided to just wiggle away.”

American Kate worked on further Guess campaigns — making sure she was never alone with Marciano. She said she was fired from her final Guess shoot in 2011 after he called her a “fat pig”.

That might explain why Marciano was allegedly so touchy-feely, because he's obviously blind as a bat. If he was that big of a jerk to Kate Upton, I can't even imagine what he told Anna Nicole Smith when she was the Guess Jeans girl.

Still, Upton's success since then has been the best form of revenge--and served as a hearty middle finger to Marciano and all the other guys of that ilk. Piece of advice, though--I'd steer clear of Justin Verlander if I were him, lest he find himself the target of a not-so-errant fastball.

The thing about sexual harassment is that it's not really about sex - it's about power.. I suspect that there were quite a few other men at that time who would have liked to grope Kate Upton, but they didn't. And one reason they didn't is that they knew they'd face consequences ranging from a punch in the nose to getting fired to going to jail for assault. Marciano knew he wouldn't face those consequences, so he felt comfortable acting as he did.

I agree with your take on Kate Upton. I heard her speak with a television personality just yesterday. She's articulate, smart and appeared humble. Good for Kate and for those that will listen to her.

Why did she continue to work for him? If the "dirty old man" couldn't get anyone to work for him he would soon be out of business or in a different business.

johntfs: Baloney! It's absolutely about sex. The head of Guess jeans already has the power, as Weinstein had the power, Matt Lauer had the power - and on and on. These 'men' (pigs) engage in this behavior because it satisfies their sexual needs and desires - as perverted and sick as their needs and desires are.

What an utterly foolish and ignorant comment! I worked for a man who sexually harassed and assaulted the women (most in their early 20's and only recently graduated from college) in our office. Unless you talk to these women you have no idea how devastating the effect can be. While none of the women consented to our boss' behavior they were afraid to say anything, they didn't want to lose their job (not every woman is a super model, multi-millionaire actress, or parents who are famous and worth millions of dollars). Most are just starting out in life, they have little experience and very few assets. BTW our boss was sued by a former employee (Gloria Allred was her attorney) and the employee prevailed in court. FYI I'm a 6'-3" 230 lb former Marine and with respect to my (now former) boss I could have flattened the ugly little squirt without breaking a sweat.

Economics is a very powerful tool, in both directions. Hillary put up with Bill to gain power. Men are seen as the sexual predator, but women can be just as guilty. Remorse after consensual sex does not make a crime, for adults, but is a sin. We have to divide false witness from the truth. It is about sex, if the use of power means abuse.

Um, so if some Hollywood actress recounts her personal experience regarding sexual harassment, she is an "attention-seeking glamor gal hoping to hop on the latest social justice bandwagon".

Perhaps you'd care to give a few examples, Marc Giller?