Can Obama Come Out of Trump's Closet?

Obama has always been in the closet about his narcissism, and Trump has always been open and honest about his self-love.

The narrative is now that President Trump is mentally unstable and unfit for office. This is the same narrative that we heard back in 2015 and in 2016. Nothing has changed. Trump's fans and apologists counter: He didn't want to be president; he only ran to enhance his "brand" (which has suffered); he was certain he would lose; he's brilliant; he didn't have to take the job.

It's really none of the above. Trump is a dyed in the wool narcissist. He loves himself, hearing himself talk, hearing others talk about him, being in the headlines of every newspaper and magazine in the world. He loves it when CNN (or Stephen Colbert, or the Golden Globe presenters and recipients) talk about him, even when they attack him, because that gives him the opportunity to attack back.

There is nothing Trump loves more than hearing the sound of his own voice, except possibly others cheering when he speaks. This fact is beyond argument. So what's the big deal?

Being president is a job for people who like to speak and be heard. Nobody can be elected to the office without having some element of narcissism. But you'll never hear the media talk about Trump's predecessor's insatiable cupidity for self-congratulations. Barack Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize--for absolutely nothing. He was lauded around the world as some kind of messiah--for absolutely nothing.

Obama's fans and minions--especially in the mainstream media--hung on his every word and gesture, proclaiming him a god. But that's not narcissism to them.

This is because Obama never came out of the closet. The closest he came was in April 2008, when he said "And they fell through the Clinton Administration, and the Bush Administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

In that one remark, Obama framed Donald Trump perfectly, and made it very clear that he looked upon the people he described with scorn and derision. The overlooked people, if they'd just listen to Obama, and do what the bicoastal liberals say, versus becoming bitter clingers, would be better off, because only Obama can fix it. Only Obama can fix the Middle East, if only Israel would get out of the way. Only Obama can fix Iran, by making friends with the butchers who rule it.

The big difference between Obama's mental state, who the liberals and media sycophants still hold as their spiritual leader, and Trump's is that Obama has always been in the closet, and Trump has always been open about his self-love.

Look at Obama's books: "Dreams from my Father," "The Audacity of Hope," "Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to my Daughters," and the latest "An Intimate Portrait." Obama has written his memoirs less than a year after leaving office, while still living in Washington D.C. There's just as much self-aggrandizement, look-at-me-I'm-a-genius, and pure B.S. in these books as anything Trump ever wrote.

Another difference is that Obama believed his own B.S. while Trump generally doesn't. Trump is a salesman, but beyond being a salesman, he's a savant at reading human emotions and picking a mark. Before he sells the Brooklyn Bridge, he picks his buyer. He's an unapologetic huckster.

Obama shrouded himself with the air of erudition. He lied with abandon and loved to hear his own voice, while the liberal phalanx of like-minded lemmings echoed his words and cheered them.

Donald Trump is everything we knew he'd be in office, down to his less-than-workaholic schedule. Barack Obama was everything we knew he'd be in office too. The difference is that one man actually cares more for the "bitter clingers" than his own accolades. And that's why those people still follow Trump. He lies about all kinds of things, but he's honest about who he is at the core.

I'd wait for the liberals and main stream media to realize they're no better than Trump's base in blindly feeding a narcissist, but like their god Obama, they'll never come out of the closet.

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ekay wrote: "The difference between Obama and Trump is that Trump doesn't hide himself or his records. "


Have you totally missed e.g. his unprecedented refusal to release his tax returns? Or his utter lack of transparency about his personal health in 2016.


Sorry, typo---supposed to be a "CLB"---Certificate Of Live Birth.


If Obama's mother was 18 or older when he was born and was a citizen and had spent the requisite amount of time as a resident of the United States, he was a natural born citizen no matter where he was born. I have always wondered, given that, why he engaged in the years of ducking and dodging, claiming a CBL was the same as a birth certificate, claiming Hawaiian law did not allow copies of the long form birth certificate to be issued and then finally having a surrogate provide one that has been proved to be a forgery. But the reasons for this melodrama and chain of charades don't really matter any more. He was sworn in, he was the president, and nothing discovered or proved afterward will mean anything. His was and is a malignant narcissism, while Trump's is just obnoxious. But I don't really care about Trump's personality. I care about how he runs the Executive Branch of the United States, and so far I am pretty happy with the job he has been doing. He fakes throwing a ball off into the weeds, the rabid "journalists" go howling after it, and while they are distracted he reduces the size of boated agencies, slashes the number of regulations, gets good people nominate to the courts, makes sure that big stuff goes through Congress as it is supposed to, and in general is a good CEO. This whole Identity Politics thing is destroying the nation and we need to get away from it. Leave it to the Left, as they know they can't recruit and run on their actual toxic ideology and are dependent on it.


Of the two people in the major parties who ran for President in the general election, only one was born outside of a U.S. state. His name was John McCain and he was born on a military base in Panama. One of the sponsors of a Senate resolution that declared McCain to be a natural born U.S. citizen was Barack Obama.


Except that Obama really has been "in the closet" in the form of hiding his records. It has been abundantly obvious that he is an egotist, but one would have to be in order to think they could take on the job of the President of the United States. The difference between Obama and Trump is that Trump doesn't hide himself or his records. We know what he is, and all of his many faults are clearly out in the open which is why many of us, me included, are not wildly enthusiastic about Trump but will give praise where praise is due. Obama was praised by his followers no matter what he did.