Can a billionaire convince Dems to impeach?

Billionaire hedge fund manager and progressive activist Tom Steyer is doing everything he can to get Trump impeached.

Billionaire hedge fund manager and progressive activist Tom Steyer’s group, Need to Impeach, is taking an aggressive…

At least Steyer has plenty of money, because he is certainly wasting it in this effort. While polling shows that support for impeaching Trump has grown to over 40% at times, there was also broad support for the impeachment of Presidents Obama and George W. Bush. Those efforts similarly produced long lists of loosely plausible reasons for impeaching that ultimately amounted to nothing. Time magazine noted last summer that many people being polled don’t fully understand impeachment, and will say that they support it simply to register their displeasure with the current administration. While I vehemently disagree with the final conclusions in his review of Cass Sunstein’s books about impeachment and authoritarianism, even Andrew Sullivan agrees that the actual conditions necessary for impeachment simply have not been met yet. But that certainly can’t be surprising, given that the calls for impeachment began even before Trump took office.