Bullying: LGBT Lobby is Criminalizing Christianity Before Our Eyes

Christians are being forced by government to choose between their livelihood and their faith convictions. It's wrong.

It seems absurd to suggest that the United States is witnessing the tempered unfolding of the criminalization of Christianity. After all, the vast majority of the American population claims affiliation with the Christian tradition – just over 70% in the most recent Pew Research study.

But while I still regard the threats of religious interrogations and incarcerations overly exaggerative and hyperbolic, it’s anti-intellectual to pretend current legislative action occurring in numerous states and municipalities does not represent a direct threat to the legal expression of traditional, orthodox Christian thought. Specifically, thinking and acting according to Christian sexual ethics is becoming illegal – the criminalization of Christianity.

The most flagrant example of this reality occurred just days ago in Maryland where a Republican governor, Larry Hogan, signed into law a hastily written, poorly defined, dangerously broad ban on licensed counselors providing minors with therapy designed to resolve confusion over gender or with coping strategies for managing unwanted same-sex attraction.

In other words, it is now the official position Maryland’s government that counseling for a young child struggling with discontent in his own body can only be legal if it affirms and facilitates the discontent. Trying to help that tortured soul find comfort in the body God gave him is now regarded as immoral and illegal, while encouraging a medically dangerous, and scientifically untenable “transition” into being a girl is applauded and recommended.

Starting in October, it will be illegal to perform on a minor “any effort to change the behavioral expression of an individual’s sexual orientation, change gender expression, or eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same gender.” Violators will be deemed to have “engaged in unprofessional conduct” and risk a suspension or revocation of their health or child care licenses.

The ban applies to all minors regardless of whether they or their parents desire or consent to the treatment.

The effect this will have on Christian professionals should be self-evident. A therapist or counselor who is a Christian will now have to violate specific tenets of their faith, willfully participating in furthering an ideological cause that mocks God and His natural order, in order to be in compliance with the law. Failing to do so will result in the loss of their livelihood and career. That’s hardly being burned at the stake or stoned for their faith, but it is legal persecution nonetheless. And it is based entirely on an individual’s allegiance to a key principle of Christian doctrine.

Further, in deference to the chic “fierce urgency of now,” Maryland lawmakers have written such an imprecise piece of legislation that a counselor could lose his or her license for nothing more than engaging in a simple conversation about a person’s unwanted same-sex attraction or by bringing up meaningful reservations about rushing into sex-change regiments.

And keep in mind what is most galling about this legislation is that it is not just a ban on coercive counseling, where a minor is forced to attend despite their objections. This law bans a Christian offering help to a young person who comes asking for it.

While Maryland is far from alone – ten other states and D.C. have already passed similar legislation – the timing of their new law peculiarly coincides with the recent Freedom March that featured the moving testimony of Pulse Nightclub terror survivor Luis Ruiz and Jeffrey McCall – men who have chosen to walk away from the homosexual and transgender life, respectively.

They have done so not because all their urges have left or their temptations have ceased. They have done so because they want to live in obedience to the will of Christ rather than as slaves to their own desires.

An increasing number of backwards governments in the United States are doing all they can to make that path more difficult for those who chose it, particularly children. Given what Jesus said about millstones and those who cause little ones to stumble, may God have mercy on them.

I agree the whole "transitioning" thing is nonsense on stilts and forcing people to facilitate this chemical/surgical mutilation on the most confused and ill-prepared part of society is obscene but I'm not sure this is really an attack on Christianity. More a rejection of reason and facts in place of emotionalism and a borderline obsession with "feelings". Christianity, in this case, just happens to be in their way.

Chevy99: hoping, for the moment, that you are not a troll, as at least one person claims, and that you believe what you say and say what you believe, here's my take: let's say I'm a professional counselor/therapist/psychologist and I am also Christian and I also believe in the power of the Gospel to help change people for the better. Alright, fine. And let's further say I have somebody seeing me about some issues they're having, and s/he also believes in Christ. Also fine. Rarely, I think, do problems come in isolated packets, one must frequently take a holistic approach in therapy. Now, the gov't (in some quarters) has chosen to say I can't talk about gender/sex issues. I say that is gov't support of atheism (or at least agnosticism), and I say that is wrong, completely wrong; it has no constitutional support. Do you think I have a valid point, or do you think I am completely in error? Either way, what will never change for me: in the above example I would feel hamstrung and handcuffed by the gov't.


And I'm far from sure its religious persecution to hold Christians to the same standards as everyone else. Regardless of how stupid I may personally find those standards to be. You are still free to believe in whatever you want. Society, for the moment, just finds them intolerant/ less desirable and responds accordingly. Not radically different from certain other views, once common, which our betters tried to stamp out.

I would ask how you come to the conclusion that it has no constitutional support? If the constitution explicitly states that the nation cannot pick one religion wouldn't that make the default position of the state non-religious? Also there are all sorts of workarounds for your example. The therapist could instruct his patient that while he can't take this as a professional stance he knows they both are Christians and maybe he would be better served to inquire about receiving spiritual guidance from someone in his church, or if that fails then he could counsel him outside of the office for free. Either of those things would put him in safe legal standing. In fact the only way this ever becomes an issue is if the child decides he is being forced to listen to preaching and he complains about it. I don't see that in any way as an attack on anyone's faith.

As a society we grapple with this trade-off now and again.

For instance, parents who, for what they cite as religious reasons, refuse to take their child to a doctor when they are deathly ill. What do we do? There's no single right answer.

Same thing applies to anti-vax parents who believe in kooky non-science and put their own children (and others around them) at risk.

I don't pretend to have some kind of black and white answer to these questions, but neither does anybody else.

Oh stop. There is room in the sandbox for more than one kid. All these victimization articles about the faithful are very tiring. If you’re going to call SJWs snowflakes than just maybe you should hold yourself to the same standards. Just sayin’.



Have never heard of Christian counselors? They are all over. They are open that their services are provided within a Christian worldview. People seek them intentionally. Many have to be licensed or be in violation of other laws. This law essentially bans the Christian counselor, while at the same time, I am sure Maryland bans counseling by unlicensed individuals.

You aren't living in the real world. You are advocating that Christians either abandon their livelihood or conform to the world. That is the definition of preventing the free exercise of religion and is a violation of the 1st amendment. It's the same argument as "bake the cake bigot". It's the same as requiring a gynocologicst to perform or recommend abortions, etc.

Everyone believes in someone or something. It may be themselves, it may be collective humanity, it may be randomness, it maybe alien seeding, it may be a false god, it may be the real God. Most therapists are progressives or worse. Progressivism is a religion. The whole transgender movement is a religious belief. It isn't based in science or anything else but a desire to destroy God's design by preying on confused and vulnerable people. The state is putting a religious requirement into law and is doing exactly what you say they are trying to keep from happening.

A state not picking sides would allow either treatment method, recognizing that both are based on religion and the one they are outlawing is also based in science. Here, Maryland is establishing the practice of just one religion on this issue, progressivism.


Etbass, I have heard of them and they are exactly why this law is in my eyes a good thing. Counselors should stick to science based advice and leave religion to those who seek it explicitly. I'm glad you brought up the fact that both sides are non-science based because I would be all for a law that prevents parents from forcing their children to go through hormonal therapy or gender realignment if that was an issue that was happening in this country. I am unfamiliar with any examples of that though, I am familiar with lots of parents forcing their struggling kids to hear how horrible they are 6 times a week until they hate themselves. And no matter how many times people say it, not letting you force other people to abide by your religious beliefs is not a violation of the 1st amendment. You make cakes, you make cakes for everyone. If you are a licensed therapist you cannot trick kids into thinking your advice is anything more than religious dogma masquarading as therapy.


"Pulse Nightclub terror survivor Luis Ruiz". Hmmm...'Scared Straight'?

I wonder what Luis Ruiz would have said if you had told him he was forced to go to gay conversion in his teen years before the events of Pulse? I wonder what the likelihood of his conversion would have been, or if he would had a different outcome. I see the stats about suicide and being pro-life I don't think forcing kids to go to lectures about how evil they are is the way to go. People need to come to Jesus of their own free win and not feel forced to do it.

Dude, it was a joke. I don't think Luis is "Straight" now. Just "Scared".

This article seems like hyperbole to me. All the law is saying is that counselors shouldn't bias their counselling based on their religious beliefs in particular when dealing with gender issues. It seems like a reasonable law when you consider counselling is supposed to be logical and based in science. If you are a counselor and want to do counselling based on your religious beliefs instead of the training you took to become a counselor then do it context of your church. I don't think they are targeting only Christians either, but all religions. Also, Gundog I find referring to children as 'property' pretty offensive. I speaks to a lack of respect of any kind for children as individuals and people. They may be the responsibility of the parents until the age of majority, but they certainly aren't their property.

This is total idiocy. How many kids have already committed suicide because of this very issue? This ridiculous legislation will surely lead to more kids harming themselves. This law was passed to satisfy the desires of a minority while casting aside the desires of the majority. Well Larry, I really thought you were a pretty decent guy but you just shot that belief in the butt. Run for governor again, I sense a REALLY big loss for you. I think it's time for my wife and I to leave the immoral state of MARY land.

Chevy99, your beliefs are ridiculous. A therapist can very easily counsel a kid on his or her sexuallity without bringing religion into the equation.

If that is the case Beanzy then this law shouldn't worry you whatsoever. So why does it?

Beanzy this will not lead more kids to commit suicide, but the opposite. Telling a confused child that they should fight against who they feel they are because the counselor feels it is against their religious beliefs only creates more conflict and guilt in a child that is struggling with life to begin with and will raise the chance of suicide. Also, your last statement to Chevy99 proves you agree with the law. The law is exactly that, they should be counseled without bringing religion into it.

Oh, it's most definitely an attack on Christianity.

This IS an attack on Christianity and the Family. Maybe not from your point of view, but it certainly is from Christian's everywhere. If you are gay, you don't want anyone to tell you what to do, but as you issue out your attack on Christianity and the Family, you are doing the exact same thing you've accused Christians of. I find it extraordinarily hypocritical and malicious in nature. I know I've read about these guys who set out to prove a point and that's what this whole thing does is punish people you disagree with. How sad.

Shouldn't it be up to the parents to decide what kind of therapist -- whether Godless liberal or Christian counselor -- their kid should see? I don't have a problem with homosexuality and happen to think gay people are born that way. But I think it should be up to each family to decide. And If someone wants to try to "pray the gay away," that's their right. It's really not something the government should be involved in imo.