Brilliant: Man ‘Liberates’ Himself from God, Gets Incurable Gonorrhea

Simply put, if you're having sex outside of God’s design of monogamous, man/woman marriage, you are not having safe sex.

The headline from the Daily Star blared the warning: “Super gonorrhea OUTBREAK worsens as new strains emerge – and there is NO CURE.” The story that followed laid it out bold and bare:

Two completely drug-resistant versions of the venereal disease have been found and identified – with fears rampant unprotected sex could rigger an epidemic. Doctors have been unable to treat patients with antibiotic ceftriaxone and azithromycin. And sufferers have been left with a gonorrhoea – also known as the clap – infection that causes extreme pain during urination…

Officials added another five strains of gonorrhoea have been found which have “high level resistance” to treatments.

It’s a phenomenon that we’ve known is coming for some time. Yet the simple truth is that from a purely selfish standpoint, I am utterly unconcerned with this news. And there’s a very simple reason why. I’m part of a group that is completely and totally protected from ever having to concern myself with the horrors of this sexually transmitted infection. The disease is not impacting one community in particular, and it happens to be the community I am unashamedly a part of: those who abide by the Christian sexual ethic.

Obviously there are other belief systems that teach the sanctity of marriage and that sex is an activity that finds its fulfillment and purpose within the bonds of man/woman marriage. Those who abide by those teachings which are concurrent with the Moral Law of God are likewise immune from this outbreak.

Jewish blogger Bethany Mandel acknowledged as much when she quote tweeted this headline and simply commented:

“You know what’s great? Marriage. Marriage is great.”

For as much as the world has convinced itself that they have found freedom by rejecting the sexual ethic proscribed by the God who made us, the precise opposite reality continues to reveal itself. This entire outbreak is proof of that fact.

Consider: the reason “super gonorrhea” is even a thing is because of man’s refusal to confine his sexual urges to the protective institution of marriage. If there were no promiscuity, pre-marital sex, extra-marital adulterous sex, or other sexual behaviors that exist beyond the natural created order of male/female complementarianism, this disease would not exist. That may seem radical, but in fact it’s only logical.

Let’s say Person A contracted the disease. If they and their spouse confined themselves to God’s loving guidelines for human behavior moving forward, the disease would be strangled and never escape their relationship. It simply cannot incubate and spread without an assist from sexual immorality. That’s what is so perplexing to many of us who have come to realize the glory of God’s design. His rules are not bigoted, discriminatory, and intolerant; they are a loving attempt to keep us safe, fulfilled, and satisfied. What prideful ignorance to become enraged by that truth, proclaim to be liberated from those rules as you proceed to shackle yourself with the very painful consequences that God never intended you to endure.

Even if we had to learn the lesson the hard way, the initial outbreak of all the various sexually transmitted infections should have been enough to come to our collective senses. Instead, we found drugs to take the pain away so that we could continue engaging the very act that brought on the misery in the first place!

And still, as we see the introduction of the next, incurable phase of these tragic infections, how are we responding?

Professor John Turnidge, the senior medical adviser with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, said people need to take more care during sex.

He said: "To prevent sexually transmitted infections, either to yourself or others, it is best to practice safe sex. "Safe sex includes using a condom or dental dam to ensure that you do not pass an infection on to your partner."

Somehow, someway, we still…don’t…get it. Simply put, if you are having sex outside of God’s design of a monogamous, man/woman, married relationship, you are not having safe sex. You are having immoral sex hoping that man’s wisdom can somehow protect you from the natural consequences you are dangerously inviting for the sake of your five second muscle spasm.

That isn’t godly, of course. It isn’t Biblical, obviously. But more than any of that…it just isn’t bright.

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Promiscuity never ends well. Never.

My deep concern is for the innocents. Many of the people Bush pushed to rescue during the AIDs epidemic were faithful wives infected by immoral husbands (not uncommon in Africa, as I've been informed by African clergy).

As for people having different values... it's true that's not always bad. It's often good. But in the case of promoting highly dangerous activities, like promiscuity, for the sake of "freedom," it is definitely unfortunate.

This outbreak is even more frightening when you study the current state of antibiotics research. I've read in several sources that prominent scientists in that field warn there are no indications we will discover a new wonder drug... and the overuse of our current antibiotics due to situations like this makes these researchers deeply concerned about the future.


Free love isn't free. Never was. But the point of freedom is getting to make your own decisions @peterheck whether they be good or bad. That people have different priorities than you isn't a bad thing.

And hello @Susan_Wright. I actually have to admit I'm impressed. A reasonably coherent statement and it doesn't even involve Trump! Through I would have to disagree. While examples exist in the animal kingdom, Man isn't built for monogamy. It does not come naturally to us. Perhaps it would be better if that was the case, through much more boring, but our line of evolution went down a different path and we are stuck with that.

Also Sex is a reproductive act. A mutated offshoot of asexual reproduction. It is merely a means to transpose your genes into future generations. All of which long predates the social institutions of marriage which is more built around the fruits of the act than the act itself.


This sounds like what "religious" people said about AIDS when it emerged in the 1980's. Contrast that with the efforts of George W Bush to fight AIDS in Africa. He didn't scold people for being immoral.



@Cbkitys By all means, run with it. I think more people need to be reminded.


This mentality will continue as God has been taken out of virtually every institution. Without God, there is no morality. Without morality, we have become a society that acts purely on feelings. The result is the dark decadence we see everywhere today.