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BREAKING: Trump Economics Adviser Suffers Heart Attack

Larry Kudlow replaced Gary Cohn as chief economic adviser in April.

This is really bad news for anyone to hear.

President Trump announced from Singapore this evening that his economics adviser Larry Kudlow has suffered a heart attack.

Having lost my brother to a heart attack in April, I take news like this quite seriously.

Mr. Kudlow joined the White House economic team in April, replacing Gary Cohn. He had appeared on television Sunday, criticizing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a feud with Mr. Trump over tariffs and other trade policy.

Prayers for Mr. Kudlow’s speedy recovery.

Hearing about your beloved brother was a shock, Susan. How much more horrifying it must have been for you and, if I recall correctly, your mother and your brother's children(?)

Thankfully, Larry Kudlow's wife answered reporters' phone calls at the hospital and told them that it was just a mild heart attack and that he was already sitting up talking. Let's hope so.


I concur with your sentiments about Larry Kudlow, while making herculean efforts to refrain from adding any comments about karma being a you-know-what.

This isn't talked about enough, but Cocaine causes long lasting damage to heart muscle and you often don't even know you've damaged it until you have a heart attack. This can happen years after the fact. Was it worth it, Larry?

Don't know about the nose candy, but Kudlow does love his cigarettes. Maybe this bad luck will be his wake-up call.


@mistybat - oh yeah, he was a huge coke head($15K+ a month) for over a decade(you can destroy your heart with a few weeks/months of steady use) and eventually went to rehab after being fired. Pretty much all coke addicts are gigantic assholes and some of the most selfish people I've unfortunately ever had the displeasure of knowing. Monsters, honestly. I've never met a "decent" coke addict.

But nobody in the White House had a problem with it...because the 90s were CRAZY, don't you see!

Now imagine if Obama hired a former cocaine addict with a $15K a month habit to be his economic advisor. I don't care if he's sober now...blowing that much money up your nose shows a complete lack of judgement and self control. Hiring and allowing him in the white house also shows a complete lack of judgement and the same lack of control(it means you're desperate or corrupt as fuck)....there's NOBODY who wasn't a coke addict who could do this job? Nobody??!

And yeah, cigarettes are definitely another good way to destroy your heart(and lungs). Certainly that played a big part.