BREAKING: Thad Cochran Resigns Citing Health Concerns

The top Republican on the Appropriations Committee, will resign on April 1st.

Senator Thad Cochran will step down on April 1st citing ongoing health concerns saying, “I regret my health has become an ongoing challenge."

Cochran was first elected to the Senate in 1978 and is the longest current-serving member of congress. The Senator is the top Republican on the influential Appropriations Committee.

"Remember Mississippi" is the rallying cry here in Mississippi. The establishment cut deals with Democrats, ran despicable ads about the KKK and begged black voters to cross over and save Cochran in his race against McDaniel, money was funneled to black activists to get out the vote, John McCain came in to help his political kin, and some elected officials worked overtime to prove that they were card-carrying members of the oldest profession. I've seen what men will do to retain power at all costs, to make that Faustian deal to rule in hell on earth rather to serve eternally in heaven, but that smash-mouth campaign took the cake. It will be interesting to see who is anointed and appointed to fill the seat until November. You can be sure that it will not be a rock-ribbed conservative and someone they think can beat Chris McDaniel if he drops his challenge to Roger Wicker and runs for the open seat in November.


Unfortunately Jackson Democrats can't save him from the Grim Reaper.

Amen. McCain should join him.

Thank Robert "Luv Guv" Bentley, Lying Luther Strange, Mitch McConnel and Donald Trump for that one. They all failed before it ever got to a Roy Moore nomination and the loss should be hung around every one of their necks.


And they repeated that effort to give us a Moore vs. Strange race in Alabama, throwing it to Moore. Strange was too loathed to win, but they managed to knock out the best candidate in Mo Brooks. I'm sure they'll be back for seconds.