BREAKING: Protestors Interrupt Senator Susan Collins

Senator Susan Collins was shouted down by protestors as she tried to speak from the Senate

At 3pm today Senator Susan Collins took the well in the Senate to speak about tomorrow's final vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Collins is seen as a major swing vote, and her speech has been much anticipated. As Collins approached the mic, a protestor began yelling, asking Collins to vote no. After an attempt was made to restore order, protestors began chanting "vote no! vote for women".

Collins started her speech by noting the ridiculous nature of the objections to Judge Brett Kavanaugh, including one of her colleagues who announced opposition before Kavanaugh was even identified as the appointee. She further pointed out that one group sent out a written statement opposing "Donald Trump's appointee XX", because they forgot to add Kavanaugh's name to a pre-written form letter.

This whole process has been a zoo, and it looks like Collins is as sick of it as we are. The Democrats have clearly overplayed their hand, and it would appear these tone deaf protestors are hurting their own cause. There is a right way and a wrong way to lobby Congress, and interrupting Senate proceedings is the wrong way.

Stay tuned for Collin's announcement at the conclusion of her speech.

No. 1-1

While I didn't have the patience to listen through the whole speech, I listened for a while. After starting with a condemnation of the Democrats for taking the process into the gutter, it seemed she quickly transitioned into explaining that progressives should find everything they are looking for in a justice in Kavanaugh. The condemnation of where the process was taken was accurate and well deserved. I am concerned that the explanation that progressives have nothing to worry about in Kavanaugh may be accurate as well.