BREAKING: Pardon for Scooter Libby—Who DID NOT Leak Valerie Plame's Identity

Gaslighting’s a heckuva drug. For years MSM said he outed a CIA agent. He’ll get his record back, but never his name.

Here’s one from the memory hole. Former Dick Cheney Chief of Staff Scooter Libby, a man famous for the crime he didn’t commit, is getting a presidential pardon. NBC and ABC are both confirming Trump’s intention to pardon Libby, who was convicted in 2007 of lying to the FBI and obstructing justice. Do NOT, however, expect either news source to mention that he was cleared of the only charge the MSM cares about, the one that ruined his life: outing Valerie Plame as an employee of the CIA. Because, narrative.

Like Bill Clinton, Scooter Libby was never charged on the allegations for which he was originally being investigated. Libby’s crime was the cover-up of a non-crime. President George W. Bush commuted his 30-month sentence, guarding Libby from prison time, but stopped short of a full pardon, presumably because of the optics, and, again, Libby was indeed found guilty of dishonestly dealing with FBI investigators.

But nobody cares about that. He will forever be known as the man who exposed Valerie Plame in an act of political retribution for Cheney’s neocon cabal after Plame’s husband Joe Wilson undermined the case for the Iraq War in a NYT op-ed.

Except he didn’t. Who did, then? That would be Richard Armitage, the very much non-neocon Deputy Secretary of State under Colin Powell, who was famously at odds with Cheney over the argument for war—a “dove”. Armitage himself has publicly admitted as much. And yet…I reckon 75% of regular news-consumers have never heard the truth about this.

Watch the coverage for this one. Be attentive to the wording of reports. You’ll see lots of mentioning of Plame, Bush, Cheney, and yellow-cake uranium. I predict you’ll search in vain for the name “Armitage”, or even for a clear disclaimer noting the accusations against Libby as the alleged “leaker” are false.

Lesson: If you’re going to vindictively out someone’s name and ruin their life, get the name right. Ahem.

It is time for Scooter to be pardoned. I would like to know the number of cases of the FBI made a conviction of perjury when there was nothing to the original charge. Very few people have perfect recall.,something is added or left out. Was the information recorded or just notes by the agent? Their is a difference between should know and do know. Were the questions asked to get the complete information? The same standard that the FBI holds the people to, should apply as agents to congress..


And of course, the British government continued to stand by the validity of the report for years after the "controversy", for what that's worth.

It must be preceded by "ring of..." to be recognized by a leftist ;-)

As a liberal, pinko commie Satanist Democrat, I did not know that Libby was innocent of outing Plame. Assuming that statute of limitations hasn't expired, Armitage should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for doing so.


This, my friend, is my favorite comment by far. We can all debate points of view, but media-propagated lies hurt everybody, whether on the Left or Right. Thanks for reading, and sincerest respect for your honesty.