BREAKING: NY Rep. Chris Collins Arrested

The New York Republican has been the subject of an ethics probe, for some time.

Well, there’s another open Republican seat, up for grabs.

New York Representative Chris Collins was the first congressman to jump aboard the Trump train. He’s been a vocal supporter of the president from very early on, and has not eased off of that defense of all things Trump, since.

Now it looks as if he needs a defender.

From The Hill:

An Office of Congressional Ethics report earlier this year found that Collins may have violated federal law by sharing nonpublic information with investors of an Australian pharmaceutical company.

Multiple GOP lawmakers told The Hill earlier this year that Collins had boasted about making money for other members of Congress by urging them to invest in the company, of which he is the largest stockholder.

The company is Innate Immunotherapeutics, and colleagues in the past year have said that he was constantly pimping the company, in ways they found uncomfortable and inappropriate for a member of Congress.

Among those grilled over Collins would be Tom Price, the now-former Secretary of Health and Human Services, considering he bought stock on Collins’ recommendation.

The chickens for Collins have come home to roost, it appears.

He turned himself in to authorities today, and was arrested on charges of insider trading.

Insider trading, for those a little murky on the details is when one has confidential inside information, regarding stocks, and trades on the stock exchange to their own advantage, based on that information. It’s quite illegal.

This is a developing story, so expect more to come.

No. 1-7

Most of Congress, past and present, should be charged with insider trading, starting with Harry Reid and pelosi. They’re all crooks.


Another trumplicrat bites the dust. Is there something about New York? Donald Trump, Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner etc....?


Does Congress really want "Insider Training" to be investigated in Congress? 9/10 would need to be ousted if not many many more. #TermLimits


Trumpists of a feather, flock together.


Ruh-Roh! Collins is hosed because he also worked feverishly on legislation to get that drug approved. There are also a bunch of other Republicans who invested in this company at his urging and probably got their hands dirty as well.

November is looking bleak.


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