BREAKING: Multiple Casualty Incident At Texas School

Eight killed in Texas school shooting.

Multiple casualties are being reported by numerous sources at a Santa Fe high school. Here is what we know:

Not that I actually believe that God intervenes in daily life.

@FreeMkts -- What else do you suggest? Many thinkers on the Right have thought about this long and hard, and what they've come up with is armed teachers.

Do you have a better idea?

We need to take a more hardline stance against school shooters. First of all, stop taking these bastards in alive, shoot them wherever they're found. Second, bill the hospital payments and funeral costs to the scumba
g's parents. And then we need to erase him from history. Cremate the shooter and flush his ashes down a toilet. Then give his social security number to the next newborn and pull all remaining records of him from the public database. And then the FCC should level a 250,000$ fine for every schmuck that's dumb enough to say his name on live television and one million dollars for every time his photograph is shown, 1.5 million if it's prime time.

@Florida -- Most of these guys off themselves at the end of their shooting spree. I'm pretty sure desecrating their remains isn't going to scare them too much.

Many teachers don't want to be armed. There are other ways to defend against a shooter. The tragedy is that nobody in a position to do anything is really interested in a solution; they want the issue alive so they can raise funds and beat the other side over the head with it. While the Left screams gun confiscation and the Right screams 2nd Amendment, our kids are sitting ducks for the next shooter. And the next one. And the next one.