BREAKING - Mike Pompeo On Plane With Prisoners Released From North Korea

Three American citizens held captive by North Korea are finally headed home.

President Donald Trump just tweeted that newly-confirmed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in the air and flying home with three American citizens who had been detained by North Korea as “prisoners of war.”

The regime of Kim Jong-un says that it granted release as a goodwill gesture, ahead of expected talks with President Trump to address the drawing down of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

One of the prisoners, Kim Hak-song, was an agricultural researcher with Pyongyang University who was detained for unspecified “hostile acts” against the regime. Tony Kim, arrested in April, was teaching a finance course at the university when he was arrested at Pyongyang Airport while attempting to return home.

The final prisoner, Kim Dong-chul, has been in North Korea the longest, having been arrested back in 2015.

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They understand something that many in America have forgotten. This is still the greatest nation in the world.


Excellent news. I'm not sure exactly what NK's angle is, but this is definitely different than the past.

There are several plausible theories:
1) He believes Trump is willing to go to war if necessary, where as he knew Obama would not no matter what he did. However, Bush was also willing and they played the same game.
2) Kim is NK's Gorbechav and he sees that they must change or perish. The old way won't work any longer.
3) China gave him an ultimatum to reform or be removed.
4) He sees that China can be prosperous especially compared to NK, and still maintain lifetime power and an authoritarian government.
5) He's tired of being China's proxy and needs better world relations in order to not have to depend on fear of China to prevent his own destruction.
6) The NK economy is about to collapse and he has to get that improved or risk a successful coup.

There is an angle that NK is working. Kim didn't just decide to be a better person and a better leader. This is good though, no matter what the underlying motivation is. Trump and Pompeo deserve an enormous amount of credit.