BREAKING: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized After Fall

Justice Ginsburg fractured three ribs. Prayers going up.

The Supreme Court issued a statement that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fractured three ribs in a fall, and has been hospitalized. From CNN.

> According to the statement, Ginsburg, 85, experienced discomfort after going home following the fall and was admitted to George Washington University Thursday morning for observation and treatment.

Two things emerge here, and should be obvious.

One, that any time an 85 year old falls, it's potentially dangerous, health wise. I know it's easy for our minds to go to a very bad place, and start thinking about politics. There's no indication that Ginsburg won't fully recover from this, though she'll have pain and discomfort while she heals. Broken ribs are never easy to heal from.

Two, the only appropriate response is that we pray, or at least wish Justice Ginsburg a complete recovery. This is basic humanity. Any other response is either from a Russian troll, or someone who needs to seriously rethink their lives.

We live in a very divided, hyper-politicized time. But when a Bubbe, a senior lady and grandmother, falls and is recovering in the hospital, we must be human beings first.

Prayers and blessings on Justice Ginsburg.

No. 1-3

Here's hoping the fractures are at most greenstick-type breaks and they are hospitalizing her out of an excess of caution. Still with ribs, even that would absolutely suck.

Prayers to her and her family.

Dave R
Dave R

Prayers for her for a swift recovery. Prayers for me and my sinful, evil, selfish desire that she won’t return to the bench. In this, I may be the villain.

El C.I.D.
El C.I.D.

Well said - Amen.