BREAKING: Flynn Charged, Expected to Plead Guilty to Lying to FBI

Michael Flynn has been charged with one count of making false statements and appears in federal court this morning.

Michael Flynn has been charged and is expected to plead guilty to lying to the FBI this morning.

The charges consist of one count of making false statements in December 2016:

  • That he did not ask the Russian Ambassador Kislyak to the U.S. to “refrain from escalating the situation in response to sanctions that the United States had imposed against Russia that same day…”
  • That he did not ask the Russian Ambassador to delay the vote on or defeat a pending UN Security Council resolution (on Israel, which Obama and Kerry did not veto), and that the ambassador “subsequently never described to Flynn Russia’s response to his request.”

A single count of making false statements in a target-rich environment gives the impression that there was more and that Flynn may have cut a deal with Mueller to provide evidence and cooperate in other facets of the special counsel’s investigation.

Flynn is appearing at the federal courthouse in Washington at 10:30am.

This story is developing.

That or they have absolutely nothing.


Knowing how Mueller operates, I can't see him rushing to get a guilty plea on one count of false statements "because he has nothing else." He'd hold that and go after bigger fish. The one-charge and done approach doesn't add up for me.


ABC is reporting that Flynn will testify that Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians.

@Nathan_Knight now we have to see if that contact was illegal

Maybe there's more, but I still don't see how any of this rises to the level of an impeachable offense.


He wouldn't have been charged with that "lying to the FBI garbage" if there was anything else to charge him on. That was just dumb to have lied, but the charge is equally wrong. If you say something slightly different from the way you previously said it, you're subject to be lying? I don't think so. People can make mistakes in the substance of a statement without being held to the standard of lying. That is one law that needs to be thrown away with. All it is used for is to twist arms, even when there is nothing to twist. What's ironic is that I think Mueller even agrees with it, but it is one of his tools to pry a lid off a jar.