BREAKING: Deadly Eruption of Guatemalan Volcano Worst in 40 Years

God is King of His creation. But His creation groans for liberation from the curse of sin and death we brought upon it.

At least 25 are dead and hundreds wounded after an explosive [eruption of Guatemala’s Fuego…

Mere weeks after the eruption of Kilauea wreaked havoc on Hawaii's Big Island, destroying numerous homes, Guatemalans are now facing their own very sudden, and potentially even more violent volcanic disaster. Fuego is located about 25 miles southwest of Guatemala City, which has already been affected by ash from the eruption, which spewed nearly 6 miles into the air. One local village, El Rodeo, was reportedly struck by a river of lava that wiped out houses before residents could escape. Other villages may have suffered similar fates. In all, over 3000 people have been evacuated, and nearly 2 million may be impacted by the effects of the volcano across the country.​