BREAKING: Assange Rape Investigation Dropped By Swedish Prosecutor

Julian Assange is now (more) free than he’s been in the last seven years, most of which he’s spent holed up in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.

The AP is reporting that Sweden’s top prosecutor said she is dropping an investigation into a rape claim against the Wikileaks founder. He can’t quite leave the embassy yet, however–British authorities still have warrants to arrest him for jumping bail in 2012.

“This is a total victory for Julian Assange. He is now free to leave the embassy when he wants. We have won the Assange case. He is of course happy and relieved. He has been critical that it has lasted that long,” Per E Samuelsson, his lawyer in Sweden, told Swedish Radio.

Assange is still wanted, and may, according to the AP, be subject to U.S. charges in a possible sealed indictment. So he’s a bit more free than he’s been, but still very much a wanted man.

More details to follow on this.