BREAKING: Al Franken Announces Resignation

Al Franken resigns after Democrats turn on him.

Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) announced his resignation today. Franken had been accused by six women of sexual harassment and groping.

On Wednesday, 32 Democrat senators called on Franken to resign amid the allegations. Franken has apologized to some of the accusers while denying other allegations.

Franken was first elected to the Senate in 2008. His current term ends in 2020. A replacement will be appointed by Mark Dayton, the Democrat governor of Minnesota to serve until a special election can be held.

Franken is the second elected Democrat to resign from Congress this week due to sexual harassment accusations.

[This article was edited to reflect that Franken's successor will not serve the remainder of the current term.]

No. 1-3

So David, how many liberal causes will be advanced in 4 years? How many Supreme Court Judge seats will come up in 4 years? Let’s let Alabama decide and accept and respect their decision, as we will want them to do when we choose our senators.

David Thornton
David Thornton


Four years with a Democrat might be a better option for Republicans than having Moore in the Senate.


This is all political theater. The Dems would never have him resign if the governor was a Republican. They would not give up a vote in the senate. This is a ploy to help Jones win in Alabama so that they pick up a seat. If Moore losses the Republicans will have to wait four years to replace Jones. If Moore wins and is seated I think Trump could persuade him to resign setting up a new election in Alabama with a likelyhood of a pure unadulterated candidate, maybe the Pope is available and acceptable to the GOP establishment. Probably not, he is a man and doesn’t ware pants.

A note on Franken, I don’t think anyone likes him is why he was a easy target.