Bombshell Survey: Silicon Valley Tilts Too Far Left, Tech Workers Say

A survey put out by Lincoln Network found that conservatives and libertarians feel out-of-place in Silicon Valley.

The concern over bias in Silicon Valley is more pervasive than originally believed. Along with concerns over elitism at tech giants like Twitter and viewpoint discrimination apparent at Google, new findings suggests conservatives and libertarians feel extremely out-of-place in the Bay Area.

A new survey commissioned by the right-of-center Lincoln Network found that over 70 percent of all libertarians and conservatives participants checked the “Yes, I am afraid of being myself” option in the survey. The results were further examined by WIRED.

Lincoln Network cofounder Garrett Johnson said, “I think everyone agrees that this topic is not going away.”

​The poll surveyed 387 tech workers from Google, Facebook, Apple, Uber, and Salesforce. They also conducted 23 one-on-one interviews of individuals who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Here's a complete breakdown of the respondents who took the survey:

  • 24 percent identified as libertarian
  • 17.6 percent identified as conservative
  • 5.2 percent identified as very conservative
  • 16.3 percent identified as moderate
  • 18.3 percent identified as liberal
  • 11.1 percent as very liberal

Social media giants will continue to face immense scrutiny if they continue to practice viewpoint discrimination. While this is daunting to hear and see, that doesn't mean conservatives and libertarians should quit their desire to creatively disrupt in Silicon Valley and similar arenas. It's important to inject our views in the discussion over tech, social media, and how ideas are communicated across these various platforms. Intellectual diversity is more needed than ever, and even the Bay Area is starting to realize that.

Instead of forcing our folks into Silicon Valley through means of affirmative action, right-leaning tech workers should force their respective industry to listen and hear them out. Like other industries out there, technology shouldn't be partisan or tilting left. In fact, the very start-ups incubated in Silicon Valley were made possible by free enterprise—not social justice values.

Time will if Silicon Valley will expand beyond its echo chamber, but signs indicate they can't be tone deaf anymore. This industry needs conservatives and libertarians to sit at the table.

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I doubt those right leaning tech workers have any clout to be able to force their industry to listen and hear them out, without the potential of getting fired. I'd be satisfied if the polarization was less noticeable, but that, too, is unlikely.