Bad News for Dems: Joe Biden is (Still) Considering a Presidential Run in 2020

It looks like the Democrats may resurrect an even older, even mustier candidate for 2020.

Over the weekend, Joe Biden went on PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton for an interview about how his and President Obama's foreign policies allowed the Syrian Civil War to begin in 2011; funneled weapons to "moderate" rebels (who took those weapons and used them to start a group called ISIS); then proceeded to hem and haw for five and a half years while ISIS ran rampant, before leaving office and the subsequent cleanup to the Trump Administration in 2017.

Just Kidding!

Actually, Joe and the good "Reverend" spent a while armchair-quarterbacking about how poorly President Trump is handling the Syrian War, and about how everything would be so much better if he were in charge.

They then chatted for a while about how Republicans hate black people and don't want them to vote (very original), before finally getting down to the real nitty gritty: "Is Joe Biden considering running for President in 2020"?

When Sharpton asked the question, Biden gave almost exactly the same cryptic answer that we all heard hundreds of times during the 2016 presidential campaign. Biden talked about the loss of his son, Beau, in 2015, the loss of his wife and daughter in 1972, then stated that he hasn't ruled a run out. Biden also mentioned that he doesn't trust "all the polls showing (him) winning."

Biden may have been referring to a January poll that showed him leading Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Oprah Winfrey in a Democratic Primary by double digits.

Normally, remarks from a former Vice President who served in the Senate for decades about considering a presidential run would be about as extraordinary as a bowl of oatmeal (without brown sugar).

What makes Biden's remarks interesting though is the fact that by the time the 2020 election comes around, he will be a few days away from turning 78 years-old. Even with a four-year term, he would leave office at 82. He would be by far the oldest president in American History. In contrast, Reagan was 69 when he took office, and 77 when he left. Donald Trump was 70, and will leave office at either 74 or 78 years-old.

Consider this, a 2020 run for Biden would come 32 years after his first unsuccessful presidential campaign in 1988. The first time Joe ran, the Soviet Union was a thing, and we didn’t even know what an Internet was. The fact that Biden is even entertaining (and being encouraged to entertain) thoughts of running for president for a third time shows just how shallow the Democrats’ depth of leadership. The fact that he has a huge lead in way-too-early polling only confirms that the Dems are in a predicament.

The old-guard of their party which controls all of the money and connections, is just that--old. The majority of the Democrats' younger members are so extremely radical, that the power brokers fear them and are struggling to keep them leashed (i.e. Hillary v. Bernie). The result of this struggle within the party is that there is a growing leadership void. The old won't seriously fund or train the new, and the new want to guillotine the old along with everyone else.

The supposed party of the progressive, young, hip, and cool, can’t seem to find anyone progressive, young, hip, or cool. Instead, despite all of their shouting, they seem to be gravitating toward running a rich, loud-mouthed, creepy, old white guy. Ironic, huh?

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Biden actually gropes women/young girls. There's a treasure trove of #metoo apologists hoping that he doesn't. Run Crazy/Sleazy Joe, run...



Thanks for driving my point home.


Bad news? Biden would skunk Trump. Heck, Biden IS Trump except with far less abrasiveness and far more genuine blue collar appeal. He's even more entertaining than Trump. This isn't even close.