Austin Peterson Attacks Never Trump Movement And It Backfires

In trying to get Trump people on his side to vote for him in Missouri’s U.S Senate election, Austin Peterson decided to go all in on the Trump kool-aid and attack conservatives who were apart of the Never Trump Movement by calling them, “Neo Cons” and “Trotskyites”.

He also accused them of supporting Hillary.

This caused many reactions from those who were part of the Never Trump movement and I have to say, it doesn’t end well for Peterson:

This is not at all what you said to me when we sat and talked at CPAC and you thanked me for my Trump opposition.

— Ben (@BenHowe) October 23, 2017

I am not sure why Peterson thought this was a good idea. Attacking Never Trump folks will only make it harder to win the senate seat.

Most importantly, it’s sad to see people like Peterson throw their principles just for the votes.