Atlanta, Thy Virtue Is Signaling Yes To Amazon

Atlanta is a city warring with itself, and with the rest of Georgia.

CNN's headline blares that Georgia Republicans might have hurt Atlanta's chances to host Amazon HQ2 with its 50,000 jobs. I for one was glad to hear Erick say on the radio that this would be a great blessing if it were true. Imagine: 18 shiny new buildings and 50,000 more people commuting every day to a site just blocks from CNN headquarters, the Atlanta Falcons glistening Mercedes Benz stadium, and tourist favorites the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca Cola.

To anyone who has daily navigated the public transport-challenged Atlanta commute, where rush-hour seemingly never ends, this is a nightmare beyond imagination. Many of the same people--some well-intentioned liberals and some bat guano crazy--who crave the kind of progressive Zeitgeist Amazon would bring, are worried that the hicks under the Gold Dome have scotched their chance to become Seattle of the East (without the Space Needle or the water, but with plenty of Starbucks).

Atlanta is a city at war with itself. Companies like Delta (not to mention Home Depot, NCR, Coca Cola, and UPS) tend to favor liberal causes. Add to that the burgeoning film industry in Georgia, which now produces more movies than Hollywood, and you've got yourself a powerful liberal commerce bloc. They have collectively opposed, and many times blocked, conservative initiatives like RFRA. They've "persuaded" Governor Deal to veto even the most mild religious liberty bills.

And now, encouraged by the bullying Left, they are being forced to take the side of radical gun-grabbers (many gladly) in a slap fight with generally 2A friendly legislators. As Erick said, Delta will get its tax relief--not in 2018, but certainly in 2019 when this blows over.

And NRA members will continue to fly Delta, swallowing hard (how many even knew there was an NRA discount?). Delta will not pack up and leave Atlanta, its past, now and forever home.

Meanwhile, everyone, those in Atlanta included, gets to virtue signal.

And the virtue-signaller in chief, who in just 48 hours went from a Delta cheerleader to its major basher.

The signal Atlanta wants to send to Amazon is "come hither, my love, and curl up in the Gulch."

The Atlanta development would include 18 buildings in a part of downtown known as “The Gulch,” now covered with vast parking decks and vacant lots and sometimes used as a film set, according to planning documents from the Atlanta Regional Commission. Hollywood crews used it to film scenes from the 2016 movie “Captain America: Civil War.” The AMC TV show “The Walking Dead” filmed from a rooftop overlooking The Gulch during the show’s first season.

Gee, I wonder what would occupy 18 buildings in an urban setting, that can accommodate 60,000 people?

Georgia lawmakers have already practiced the Yoga move known as the "ankle grab" for Amazon, and if not for the Second Amendment virtue signaling contest, they'd have done it again for Delta.

I rarely side with the liberals (certainly not intentionally), but though they are hoping for liberal Amazon to come and usher in a new Democratic wave in Georgia and scared that now it won't happen, I'm with them in believing it won't. But like Erick, I think it's for the best.

Democrats think somehow bringing in tens of thousands of liberal, well-paid, young techies will somehow lift the fortunes of those who ride MARTA to work in service jobs and can't afford the rent in Brookhaven. Imagine what will happen when huge swaths of metro Atlanta are wiped out to build half-million dollar gentrified condos, and homes from Villa Rica to Alpharetta get priced out of most middle class workers' salaries?

Of course, those who own that real estate will do just fine. And the banks, which are being pressured to "crack down" on gun sellers, will do even better. But those who Democrats virtue signal to protect will be left out in the cold, quite literally.

Atlanta has always been a city with two minds. Losing Amazon would be the best way for this to end. Liberal will blame the rest of Georgia (which loves its guns). And everyone will get to continue virtue signaling.

P.S. If the decision-makers at Amazon are reading this, and think that by coming to Georgia they could finish what Atlanta liberals have started (including the easily-triggered students at Georgia Tech), I recommend they search their own warehouse for a copy of "Deliverance." Watch it over and over, and realize that you too will be made to squeal.

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Now, ask me again "why did this nice yankee boy move South?" Having reached my adult years in the "great n.e." I got hit in the head by a 2 x 4, jolted into the belief there had to be a better way of life somewhere. There is. The mountains of East Tennessee. No "dumba**es" allowed.

Steve Berman
Steve Berman


Illuminati? No. Liberal icon? Oh yes. From flags to gun related products, Amazon leads the liberal charge. They certainly would want their employees to operate in a Left-friendly environment.


I feel like Amazon is a profit driven company that is trying to extract as many concessions from cities as possible.

I don't think it's an illuminate agent seeking to create snowflakes and destroy religious liberty.