As long as people understand what they are getting with Single Payer so be it. Healthcare is an inflexible commodity with almost infinite demand. Therefore all countries use some method of rationing to control costs. In single payer the rationing approach is time as in waiting lists and restricted access to specialists. The QALY (Quality Adjusted Life Year) also comes into play. Baby Alfie might be the current poster for the QALY. Nothing is really free - if folks expect the current levels of access "for free" they are only fooling themselves. Choices have consequences.

The only way to limit demand to healthcare is to allow people to die. That is the entire point of single-payer. It's single-decider-who-dies.

In a market healthcare system, availability of money determines who lives and dies in specific circumstances of scarcity. The only way to make a single-decider-who-dies system work is to create an iron curtain around the system and not allow anyone to escape into a market situation, where their own or charity's money can buy the care.


Charity is not allowed in a single-decider-who-dies system. It is considered a corrupting influence.

Indeed. Folks need to understand this
All systems restrict healthcare one way or another. Sometimes it seems people think they will get the current US system "for free.". Ask Baby Alfie's parents about that.