Aren't You Supposed To Be Funny?

Just what we need. Another left-leaning late night circuit alum with a Netflix show.

Now it all makes sense. Michelle Wolf's performance at the White House Correspondent's Dinner was really all about proving she indeed deserved to be part of the exclusive club of a zillion political talk shows that denigrate the President, the people who work for him and folks how are politically right of center. *YAWN*

To talk up her show, she sat down with her old boss Seth Meyers and basically told half of America to go stick it:

Okay, maybe there is a marketing move there. Years of research showed that the most faithful listeners to full length talk radio programs were those who were ideologically opposed to the host and enjoyed the self-flagellation aspect of sitting through three hours on getting monumentally ticked off. Maybe Michelle thinks that kind of dare will have Trump fans tune in to foam at the mouth in rage every Sunday?

Somehow I doubt it. I had honestly never heard of Michelle Wolf before the WHCD and the likelihood of me following her career from here on out is pretty much....nil. And I'm not even the biggest Trump fan in the world. She's BORING. I guess she had some HBO Special called Nice Lady that probably earned her her Super Secret Third Wave Feminist decoder ring. Never saw that either. I would surmise from what I have seen that it was probably as tedious as the carefully channeled rage of Samantha Bee.

Forget the fact that this woman's voice makes me want to run a cheese grater over my knuckles because it would be less painful, she's not funny. She's angry. And she's channeling that anger into sophomoric insult humor that would make the king of the genre, Don Rickles, turn over in his grave. Add to that, I have about 17 other choices to hear the same basic schtick and I wonder what the execs at these media companies are thinking. Really guys. The market is saturated.

One of the largest grossing comedy tours ever was The Blue Collar Comedy Tour. It took working class family values, fishing, hunting and dash of Tater Salad and broke all kinds of records. It ran for six years. The Roseanne reboot, which is really a pick up of where the original left off with a matriarch who happened to vote against Hillary Clinton, opened with 27.2M viewers and has stayed at or near the top of the pack since the debut. My guess is because politics aside in the first episode, it is dealing with things like eldercare, divorce and family dynamics in a way that is funny even if you don't live in a town like Lanford.

Neither of these franchises hit you over the head with politics or lecture you. But they clearly come from a fly-over sometimes southern-fried perspective that is far more typical on the right side of the political spectrum. Why do entertainment executives believe large audiences want to be lectured to by a bunch of angry leftists, when we can just laugh because something is actually funny?

I want comedy to be funny again. I grew up watching Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and Saturday Night Live. I seem to recall that these hosts and the SNL casts, regardless of their personal politics, were equal opportunity offenders when it came to politics. There may be more clarity as to where they actually stood now, but at the time I don't recall feeling preached or pandered to. And the shows never appeared to be a rotating round of back patting among those who have successfully entered the club by showing their disdain for half of America. That's pretty much what it appears to be now.

So Netflix, I'm gonna skip the not-so-nice lady. Just like I skip Meyers, Kimmel, Bee and the rest. Instead, I am going to watch Norm MacDonald. Self described as apolitical, I expect him to be an equal opportunity offender just as he was on Weekend Update. At least I am going to watch Norm. After I catch up on the Marvel Universe, The Crown, Ozark and The Week Off. By Then Season 3 of Stranger Things and maybe the next Daredevil.....you get he picture.

I just skipped Netflix altogether.


This is why Roseanne & the (new) Tim Allen shows are going to be a blast in the ratings And we'll get real comedy. Let these fools have their 15 minutes of fame, they'll continue wallowing in their self-pity & bone-headed asininity trying to make body parts & noises and lies & hatred funny.

Jimmy Fallon is also great, specifically because his show is so light and fun, and NON-political. Both 'tribes' in this country are too inundated with politics - It's one of the reasons we've started separating into tribes in the first place. There needs to be a place everyone can go to unwind, de-stress and have a laugh, TOGETHER. And shows like Jimmy's seem to be where that happens. Which is why I love it :)

I would not watch this show if it were the last thing on the air. I would rather poke my eardrums out that listen to that voice no matter what it is saying.