Are you Suffering Greatly? It's likely God is Drawing You Near to Him.

God frequently uses suffering in the lives of those he uses most. Just ask Jesus. And the prophets. And the apostles.

Are you in the midst of suffering? Have you suffered previously? If neither of these apply to you, rest assured, they…

That may seem like a ludicrous statement, but suffering comes to, basically, everyone. We do our best to avoid and escape it, but if we take the suffering that comes to us and mine every lesson we can—and use it to draw closer to God—we will be infinitely better off. In fact, I would go a step further. I would say that, oftentimes, if you want to serve and be close to God, you will suffer greatly, perhaps more than most. I’d like to emphasize at the outset that God does not “cause” all of the suffering we experience, although he does allow it. But it is in his plan for your ultimate good and for the good of others. Furthermore, I would assert that we should fully reject the notion that when good things happen in your life it demonstrates that you have “favor” with God (which would imply the converse is also true).