Are We Literally Heading for an "Idiocracy?"

As birth rates decline, so are IQ's. That's not surprising.

I love the movie "Idiocracy." It's been called "the first movie that ever started out as a comedy, but ended up a documentary." I laughed out loud the first time I heard that. There are a lot of movies depicting a dystopian future. But I can't really picture a planet run by talking apes, or a government forcing children into mortal combat. THIS I can see. In fact, it's already happening.

For those of you not familiar with the movie, it opens with the couple pictured above. They're a nice, upper middle class couple with pretty high IQ's. They don't have children yet because they have jobs and a mortgage and they're really just waiting for the "right time." Which never arrives. In the meantime, all the stupid people are multiplying and hundreds of years in the future, humanity consists of people too stupid to figure out how to haul away the trash or water the crops.

Funny stuff.

No, I'm not writing this to denigrate Trump voters. The simple fact is that American birth rates have been declining for years. In 1957, 4.3 million babies were born in the United States. In 2017, that number was 3,853,472. That’s an 11 percent decline over a 60 year period. But a new study on declining fertility in America shows a new trend in these numbers: women WANT to have more children than they're having. ( And the number one reason cited for that? STUDENT LOANS.

All of this makes sense if you think about it. This has been part of the trend. The more educated women are, the fewer children they have. What's different now is that women aren't choosing to have fewer children because they want fewer children (and new access to birth control allowed them to have fewer children.) They're having fewer children because they can't afford to have more. Add to that postponing motherhood because of all the years it takes to finish college, the higher cost of child care and the new societal pressures that add an emotional burden to raising kids, and the only surprising thing is that ANYBODY gave birth last year.

The Wall Street Journal has a story out today showing that although rates are declining across America, the decline is lower in the Midwest and Southeast and highest in DC. Which jives with the other study even though it doesn't specifically state it. States that are more rural have more births. South Dakota has the highest birth rate. DC the lowest. People in rural areas tend to have less college education (and closer family ties to offset some of those other factors.) White women have the lowest birth rate, Hispanic women the highest.

So, what happens to a society where the most educated and highest income people have the fewest people? We're already at a the point where we're not having enough babies to replace our aging population. Immigration has declined.

And IQ scores have been declining along with the birth rate. Many scientist attribute that to "environmental causes," but could there be a genetic factor as well? Are we actually seeing the ludicrous future portrayed in "Idiocracy" beginning for real?

All humor aside, we need women in this country to have more babies. We need to reverse the trend of educated women unable to have as many children as they would like. Liberals of course will have a solution to this problem: More government! Just make college "free" and force employers to provide more family leave time.

Conservatives know that's the last thing we need. We don't want more government. But we also don't want mass immigration from 3rd world countries because we see how well that's worked out for Europe. So, do we just sit by and watch our demographic wiped out? Or do we start working on some non-goverment solutions to our declining fertility rates?

No. 1-3

Education decreases birthrate, that's a pretty well established fact. The bigger question is, why is that a bad thing?

I know quite a few smart people that chose not to have children, because they knew it would change their lives, and they like their life as-is. Again, their choice.

Now for those that cannot afford children, as I have said before, the current structure of DC is a giant transfer of wealth from young to old. By the time most young will retire, SS will be insolvent. So they get to struggle to pay off their education, while paying payroll taxes for their grandparents retirement and healthcare. At the same time trying to somehow figure their own retirement out.

It kind of sucks to be them.


Looking back on the entire History of Mankind, one can find ample evidence that Technology has driven Mankind to ever more greater heights of livability. Meaning that in a country like America, Canada, , European countries, many Asian and countries south of the US, they are no longer waking up each and every day wondering will they survive the day, find ample food and shelter. Leisure time is plentiful and education is readily available. In a free Society OPPORTUNITY is abundant.

Choices are everywhere. But with a lot of CHOICES comes the decision process. It seems that many people are over burdened with so many CHOICES.. So many CHOICES can easily lead to not making CHOICE but accepting the status quo.

Education from K-12 on to Higher Education has been captured by a Collectivist mindset that believes that a specific IDEOLOGY alone has ALL the necessary and NEEDED answers for every person. It is within this IDEOLOGY that the "true believers" and the Legions of fellow travelers become committed to a Utopian vision that the IDEOLOGY alone will create through its Utopian vision regardless of the proven Facts that it is myopic, delusional and Reactionary Paradise on Earth.

Education has shifted its general emphasis from teaching students at all levels to engage in Critical Thinking, embrace Logic and pursue Reasoning as pathways toward making good, productive and reasonable CHOICES. Rather, the consequences of such a sharp turn to the LEFT is that "education" is becoming more Indoctrination through Propaganda to create ACTIVISTS for the IDEOLOGY.

When the current lines are drawn, one side is completely IDEOLOGICALLY driven in the eventual mold of George Orwell's 1984. Decision making/C. Resistance is seen as a full frontal assault against The Collective. The deck becomes stacked in favor of the IDEOLOGY.

The Founding Principals, Vision, Intent and Purpose of the Declaration of Independence with its heralding of "unalienable rights" with emphasis on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and the creation of the US Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land was empohasized by Ben Franklin when he was approached after the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention and asked, "What type of government do we have, a Monarchy or a Republic?"" He replied, "A Republic if we fight for it?"

We are currently in that battle and it does effective every aspect t of American Society. The nLeft/Progressive/Modern Liberal/Democrat Party/Praetorian Guard Media/far too many RINO WHIG Do NOTHING Democrat Liters through enforced blinders can ONLY see the "fundamental transformation of America."


Would be nice if you could have included some example of what non-government solutions you would like to see. How does the all glorious "market" get people to have more kids?