Any Dem is going to respond to a generic poll by saying he or she will vote for whoever is running against Trump. Duh. Nothing to get excited about.

Right now little is known about Warren other than what the Complicit Agenda Media have been telling us, and they are seriously downplaying the whole "I'm a minority" thing. I notice that little if any attention has been paid to the fact that her entire career has been based on her lies about her heritage, and that is the core of the whole Native American issue. It is not that she wants votes in a presidential election because she is a Native American, but that she has lied from the get-go and parlayed those lies into a very profitable career.

Get her in a debate explaining and defending her radical Leftist ideas, and being challenged for her history of lying, and see how well the polls hold up. Drag in some of that "Cultural Appropriation" nonsense the radical Left was so wound up about last year. She is an intellectual and political lightweight.

And don't forget, right now she is in Hillary's way, and that is not a good place to be.