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Anti-Police Brutality Anthem-Kneeler Arrested for Domestic Brutality

Apparently a man who was super concerned with police brutality didn't find domestic brutality all that worrisome.

Much was made of Vice President Mike Pence walking out of the Indianapolis Colts vs. San Francisco 49ers football game earlier this year after witnessing players on both sidelines kneeling during the performance of our national anthem.

The same sports writers who had vociferously defended the right of overpaid athletes to use the Star-Spangled Banner as a springboard for their political statements decried the Vice President using the Star-Spangled Banner as a springboard for his political statement.

And now that moment has resurfaced in the American consciousness after word broke that one of those overpaid athletes who was likely among the 49ers players kneeling that day, Linebacker Reuben Foster, has been arrested for domestic violence.

Reuben Foster, the 49ers’ inside linebacker, was arrested Sunday on charges of domestic violence, threats and possession of an assault weapon, police said.

This is Foster’s second arrest within a month. He was taken into custody on Jan. 12 in Tuscaloosa, Ala., for second-degree marijuana possession, meaning it’s for personal use, a Class A misdemeanor in the state.

A news release from the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department said Foster, 23, was arrested [and] held on $75,000 bail, according to Santa Clara County Jail booking records.

It doesn’t take a right-wing fanatic to see the irony: a man supposedly being so concerned about the brutality of police that he feels obligated to offend the veterans and fans who pay his salary, not being concerned at all about the brutality he is unleashing on his own live-in girlfriend.

It remains to be seen if many of those socially-conscious sports writers defending the public demonstrations of men like Foster will be socially-conscious enough to spill any ink on this story. Given that they continue treating as a hero the instigator of the anthem kneeling, a man who honors cop-killers and demeans the law enforcement community as pigs, I’m guessing this story won’t top their list.

Foster has had a lot of issues in the last year. He was sent home from the NFL scouting combine for getting into an altercation with the hospital staff while waiting for testing. Then the drug arrest. Now domestic violence. It seems like his future is in the big house instead of on a football field. He may not get much time for this, but at his rate, it is a matter of time before he goes in for a long time.

What a ridiculous article. So, apparently, if someone protests a cause and they themselves are flawed, that negates the entire premise of the protest?

Sure you can call Foster a hypocrite (if guilty) but come on... this thing is so chock full of tenuous connections ("he might have been a kneeler, I dont even know!") and re-association (now let's talk about Kaerpernick, who never played with Foster and is out of the league) that the whole thing just reads like self righteous posturing.

Congrats, you get to feel high and mighty because the "other side" is clearly inferior and hypocritical when compared to your side, which apparently gets full rights to claim not just law enforcement, bu also the troops, and even tapayers!

I like how you slip resentment-triggering words like "overpaid athlete" in there. Well done with the dog whistle. Why not just call him uppity and be done with it?

If they are flawed on the same premise they are protesting, and are hypocritical on that front, then it matters. How thick are you? By your logic no one should have a problem with a pro-life Senator knocking up his aide and then paying for her abortion. Oh wait. Crap like that is spelled out EVERY TIME it is revealed.

Literally said it's okay to call Foster a hyporcrite (IF he was even kneeling... should note that this picture is not him and the article just assumes he did). But the article isnt focused at all... its just a shotgun spray of virtue signaling and strawmen

My question was did he or didn't he. "Likely" isn't good enough and is sloppy writing. Either he did or he didn't. If he didn't, there's no basis for the article at all. That point is central, so Peter should "know", not guess or assume. That said, I researched it and multiple media outlets reported that Foster was kneeling. Once we confirm that, he deserves a heap of scorn and charges of hypocracy. It reinforces the common belief that most of these guys reality don't care. They are just grievance mongering for attention and to be a part of the movement. They don't know what they are even trying to accomplish. Kapernick was just out to impress his girlfriend and get a few last minutes of fame before becoming a has-been in the NFL.


I think the "anthem protest" is pathetic, wrongly directed, ineffective at accomplishing anything worthwhile and really, really dumb. A much better move would be to use that fame to dial up the local radio show and advocate the cause. That would require an honest desire to accomplish something verses just trying to be a victim. That said, they aren't overpaid. It's supply and demand. A true meritocracy. Peter may not think they should be paid that much, but because the market supports that salary, they are by definition not overpaid. Now if the ratings keep suffering, the salaries may fall and the lag result in being slightly overpaid. Are we not for a free market? If no one watches, they won't have a job. If people do, they make what the talent demands. That goes toward teachers and cops too. The pay will go up if no one wants the job. It can stay lower if people do. Now we can legitimately argue we should pay more to get not just a body to fill it, but get good people in those jobs. If being a quality linebacker was as common as filling the water bottles, they'd make the same amount of money.

According to the lists of kneelers that SI posted every week, he did in fact kneel in at least one game (week 7), I didn't look beyond that. I do agree that it was pretty sloppy of the author to go with "likely among the kneelers", when that information was so easy to find.

@etbass I think that's fair. I dont think the protests are useless - obviously some are angered by it, but the players will likely secure tens of millions from the league for charitable causes if nothing less