Another Global Warming Oops: Sinking Islands are Apparently Growing

There's been a rather significant development for those who were told their island was about to disappear under them.

When it comes to "global cooling" – turned "global warming" – turned "climate change" – turned "climate disruption" – turned "global holy crap we’re all going to burn and die," I’ve always maintained this central premise despite my skepticism about the alarmists’ claims:

  1. If, in fact, the climate is changing more rapidly than the speed at which it has always changed, and if that is cause for alarm, it is logically absurd to think that our meager human efforts can affect or alter it in any meaningful way.
  2. Therefore, when scientists begin discussing how we adapt to the changing climate rather than demanding we all turn over more of our freedom to governing bodies of super-educated people so that they can stop the changing climate, I’ll start listening.

I remember talking to a global warming activist on the radio years ago and getting him to admit that it was “too late” for humans to do anything meaningful that had any hopes of altering the impending doomsday. The glaciers would still melt, the Antarctic ice chunks would still break off, the polar bears would still drown, and the sea levels would still rise no matter what we did at this point.

As he proceeded to list off the horrors of what was to come, he mentioned those who live on small strips of land out in the oceans and how soon their entire islands would be submerged. I asked him how soon and he predicted 10-15 years. I really wasn’t trying to be a smart-aleck when I paused and asked, “Shouldn’t that be enough time for them to move?”

He didn’t like my answer, but isn’t that actually a more helpful solution than wringing our hands over things we honestly can’t change? Isn’t the story of humanity our ability to adapt to our surroundings and survive – whether that’s bringing irrigation to inhospitable deserts or building greenhouses in the tundra? If global warming really is a thing, then let’s start a productive conversation about how we survive it. Who will need to move where? What kind of innovations and inventions do we need in order to sustain our way of life? What previously barren land will become irrigable and useful as a result of warmer climates? And yes, what island people will need to find a boat sometime in the next decade?

Oh, about those island people, hopefully they didn’t already load up the U-Haul, because there’s been a significant development in the story of their impending submergence:

A new study produced by researchers at the University of Auckland concludes that forecasts about the impact of climate change on some low- lying islands have failed to take into account key factors and thus have overstated the danger posed to inhabitants. The most "counterintuitive" finding in the study: the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu — the poster child of "sinking" island fears — is not only not shrinking, it's actually growing in size.

The study, highlighted by, "examined changes in the geography of Tuvalu's nine atolls and 101 reef islands between 1971 and 2014, using aerial photographs and satellite imagery." Over that period, "eight of the atolls and almost three-quarters of the islands grew."

In total, rather than shrinking in land mass, Tuvalu's total land area increased by 2.9%. This increase is particularly "counterintuitive" because the area in which Tuvalu is located is supposed to have suffered a rise in sea levels that are "twice the global average."

Somewhere, right now, that climate activist I talked to on the radio years ago is peeved that he gave up his Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV to save sinking Tuvalu…apparently for no reason.

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It has always been obvious to me that this "global climate" narrative is yet another UN plan to separate the US from more of our money and re-distribute it to "3rd world" countries. They are using the same thing Mr Obama used for 8 years to get his way: white guilt. They told us all of these small islands (filled with brown people) were going to die and we evil whites need to pay lots of $$ - not that it was going to stop anything, they just wanted our money. I am glad to see Mr Trump is standing up to the UN and reigning in some of the fleecing. I hope he holds to his word to cut off funding to some of these countries who give us nothing in return for our "investment."


Isn't it wonderful that all the efforts to destroy capitalism and reverse industrialization have had such positive results? (sarc) If nothing had been wasted and economies not devastated in the blind panic to "stop global warming", we'd have the same results and have a bit more coin in our pockets as well. Let's hear it for multimillionaires and government leaders flying private jets to another elite resort conference to whine about the need to destroy EEeeeeeevil capitalism in the name of environmentalism, communist ideals, and sustainability, all under the benevolent despotism of the united nations.


We understand from science, according to some, that all creation is a process of evolution and as we (and all living matter) evolve we also adapt to a constantly changing surroundings. The earth is also evolving. Evolution is a process of adaptation. If the earth warms, we will adapt and evolve. If the earth cools we will adapt and evolve. If we don't adapt and evolve or evolve and adapt, we will become extinct. Did we create the process? No. Can we stop evolution? Not likely. Can we influence our ability to adapt? Certainly.


BenjaminD, by your admission the earth and the climate have been changing for 4 billion years. These changes have been dramatic by any standard one chooses. The net result has been a favorable environment for human growth. When someone can tell me with certainty what the "ideal" global temperature is and how our efforts can forestall the natural cycles of the earth to maintain it, then I will pay more attention. Anything else is conjecture and Chicken Little hysteria.


You mean one day before he created life... Or are we going by a different version of genesis? You don't seem to be a young earth creationist, but the planet is 4 billion years old. Since that time the continents, water levels, glaciers, temperatures have changed. They are not constant. Less than 10,000 years ago we had an ice age that covered most of north America in massive glaciers.

Unless you mean God "established" the laws of nature that direct the weather. In that case, yes we were able to subvert God's design by pumping crap tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

We know co2 is a greenhouse gas. We have been burning ancient trapped carbon since the before the dinosaurs. This extra carbon means on average more of the sun's energy stays in the atmosphere. More energy means hotter temperatures. Until someone can show me how one of those logical links is wrong I will not be convinced.

It is shocking to me that humans can hunt species to extinction, introduce invasive species, domesticated swaths of animals, clear cut huge tracks of forests, build massive cities... and yet changing the planet's atmosphere is somehow impossible.