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And Now For Something Completely Ridiculous.....

The location of the next "die-in" has been announced and I am not sure Mickey will be very happy.

So David Hogg and his cohorts have decided to turn "the happiest place on Earth" into a nightmare for families this summer.

Apparently, Disney has backed Adam Putnam, currently the Agricultural Commissioner of Florida, in his race for Florida Governor. During his tenure, an unconscionable employee action in fiscal year 2017 caused 365 concealed carry applications not to be run through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The applications were still run through two other checks: the Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC) database and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database.

When the negligence was found, an audit was done and the 365 improperly issued permits were reviewed. Following the review, 291 were revoked. The employee was also fired. There are not any reports that the holders of the 291 improper permits committed any gun crimes at this point and 268,000 applications were approved and 6,470 were rejected during the last fiscal year. This error, though serious, affected less than 1% of the permits issued.

Florida Democrats have been calling for Putnam to resign from his current position and leave the Governor's race. Accordingly they have also failed to be specific about the scope of the problem and the remedies, but that is par for the course. Now they are sending out the kids in a twisted turn of logic.

Disney must be punished! These child activists the media created and the far Left fund decided making grocery shopping a pain in the rear wasn't quite effective enough. So now they are planning to ruin the vacations of hard working families for the "cause". The cause of course being taking away the guns of law abiding citizens.

Way to win friends and influence people folks. As the mother of four, saving for the dream family trip to Disney is no easy feat. Our family did it twice and even though we were within driving distance it was crazy expensive. Worth every penny for the memories and the fun, but still a stretch. Let me be clear, if this happened during our vacation, I would not have been mad at Disney. I would have been furious with the protestors and most certainly tuned out their cause.

Somehow these children, who obviously have no idea what parents and grandparents put into a trip like that for the kids, think scaring the heck out of little kids and ticking off their parents is going to win hearts and minds? Do they not realize that many people at the park in the summer come from terrible places like Indiana where the citizens are generally fond of the 2nd Amendment? Or Japan and they just won't care? Also really smart to plan a "die-in" in Orlando which just observed the passing of two years since the Pulse nightclub attack where people did die. Tasteless in the extreme, but kids can be that way.

I am still struggling to enumerate the things Mr. Hogg has actually accomplished. No one believes he organized this movement. The media and organizations like Everytown made him the face of the movement because he's a kid and they have funded a typical far Left grassroots organizing model to pull this all off. For their trouble, we have about four folks who once used their NRA Delta discount that can't anymore and a grocery store chain that will no longer make political donations. At least for now.

Maybe they have gotten some voter registrations they would have missed in a typical year? They have also thrust into the limelight a kid who is not well versed in history, can't spell very well and routinely gets owned by his former classmates from high school on some of his more ridiculous and uninformed talking points. He is not persuading anyone who didn't agree with him in the first place.

This may be a case where the Parkland Kid is over shooting his coverage. Disney has a tendency to bend to SJW noise, but they are also a business. The theme parks stock-in-trade is magical experiences for their youngest fans who want to see princesses and Mickey. Not a bunch of angsty teenagers making a scene. My hope is that Disney does what Publix should have done. Remove the protestors from their private property as quietly and expeditiously as possible.

Good luck with that boycott David.

At the price of Disney World, about $150 per person per day, plus parking, hotel, food, etc. they probably won't have many participants. If they are blocking people's vacation, they are likely to get assaulted. And they would deserve it.

Teens being assaulted at Disney World...Just think of the news footage! Big win for the cretins who wish them harm, eh?


I almost never reply to other contributors' stories but I have to do it here. Susan is correct. First, nobody in the world under 21 can "die in" at Disney; they'd be too busy having fun. Second, Disney won't allow it if they tried (can you spell "ejected!"). Third, Disney will make this a non-issue. Fourth, who owns ABC News? Oh, yeah. I don't think Hogg and his Hoggettes have thought this through.

Disney has a tendency to drift to the left so they have had a hand in feeding this particular beast. Let them reap the whirlwind...

David Hogg wrote this, like I wrote War and Peace. Maybe those that participate in this "die in" should get the fear of God from a few well placed firecrackers. If you follow the money, just like the Women's March is funded by George Soros, those that have profited in that radical group headed by a terrorist Sharia Law supporter, they have clearly been the mastermind, and not this figurehead. Just another useful idiot.