An ugly performance.

What would possess a state legislator to insult female politicians appearances for laughs?

I don't know whether it was Paul Begala or Jay Leno that dubbed politics as "show business for ugly people," but boy was he right. I mean, have you seen some of these guys we've got running the country? Jeff Sessions looks like a demented elf with Dumbo ears. Chris Christie looks like Jabba the Hut after a bad plate of clams. And Donald Trump? Man, he looks like a constipated Oompa Loompa with a dead cat on his head.

What? Not funny? I shouldn't insult the appearance of these men? Yeah, you're probably right. It's beneath my dignity. Besides, it's not very nice.

And yet, a state legislator stood up in front of a GOP breakfast and went off on Democratic women like she was Triumph the Insult Comic. Betty Price, wife of former GOP Representative (and cabinet secretary) Tom Price rattled off a list of attractive Republican women and contrasted them with Democrats like Rachel Maddow and Elizabeth Warren.

Hey, has Betty Price looked in a mirror lately?

I could get all angry feminist about "women insulting women" here but I won't. And please spare me the "Snowflake" comments. I will agree with one thing Price said: Nobody has the right to not be offended. So, I won't get up on my soap box to express my outrage at her comments.

I just want to know one thing: When did politicians decide that Republican audiences want to hear this crap?

Believe me, I've heard a LOT worse insults at GOP events. One of the reasons I didn't attend the last state convention was because of all the vulgar crap people were selling in the lobby. I wasn't the only one put off by it either. And it's not like I don't have a sense of humor. I laughed the first time I saw the "Hillary KFC special." And the "Life's a Bitch. Don't vote for one" buttons. But would I walk around wearing one of those? Quite frankly, I'd be too embarrassed.

It would be so easy to blame this all on Trump. But it started before he ever came on the political scene. I will say it's gotten worse since he started using his Twitter account to belittle all of his perceived enemies.

There was a time that the GOP had a reputation as a bunch of stuffy prudes. Can we go back to that time please? We shouldn't have to censor direct quotes from politicians in a family newspaper. We shouldn't have to endure politicians who THINK they're funny but sound like 5th graders who just discovered the Don Rickles joke book.

As for Betty Price, you need to work on your act. Maybe get some new material instead of crap you pulled off the internet. Hire a professional writer. And don't forget that every person on the planet now carries a phone capable of video recording.

No, ALL parties have engaged in this vulgarity for the entire history of American politics - heck, Abe Lincoln used to mock his own looks before his opponents could just to get it out of the way. However, it would be nice to belong to the party of grownups for once and keep this sort of shallow, pointless commentary to ourselves - unless they invite it. I save my doozies for, say, when Chelsea Handler says she needs to have sex with a Republican. (Why have fish heads when you’re surrounded with Beluga roe?)

"Ma, ma, where's my pa?" "Gone to the White House, hah, hah, hah." Said of Grover Cleveland.

Ms. Price needs her eyes checked. Rachel Maddow is a handsome dude!

I'm not saying I think all this name calling etc., is a good thing, it isn't. It winds up bringing everyone down to the level of the gutter, but to think this is a new thing simply shows a lack of history. They world is not a nice place, and hasn't been since Eve couldn't say no to Satan and ate the apple. Believing that things will change or that it's only politics, is short sighted in the extreme.

short memory. Note that everyone said that if the Kennedy v. Nixon debate in 1960 had not been on TV, Nixon would have won. Kennedy was "the pretty boy." Americans can be pretty shallow.