An Inconvenient Film

Creativity shouldn't be at the mercy of a political agenda.

Living in Florida, I've had quite a few chances to see up close what it's like when Hollywood comes to town. Back in…

One of the biggest cinematic events, however, occurred more recently with the production of Dolphin Tale, a family film loosely based on the true story of Winter, a dolphin rescued by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and fitted with a prosthetic tail after the real one had to be amputated. Some of the scenes were filmed right down the street from my house at the Admiral Farragut Academy, with a few more up at the sponge docks in Tarpon Springs. That movie actually changed the course of Tampa Bay history. It was a big hit in theaters, and created a tourist boom when kids from all across the country poured into Clearwater wanting to meet Winter in person. Interest was so intense that the previously struggling aquarium generated millions of dollars in new revenues for both itself and the city, and had to expand its modest facilities in order to accommodate all the new visitors.