Amazon's Timing is Terrible

Announcing outstanding earnings and a price increase on the same day is not a good idea

Amazon needs a lesson in timing. On the same day last week, it announced both that it was posting “[jaw-dropping…

In January of 2018, Amazon had already announced an 18% increase in the cost of Amazon Prime’s month-to-month subscription price as well as its monthly student rate. While we have been told by President Trump, rightly or wrongly, that Amazon receives favorable shipping rates from the USPS, there is no question that its overall shipping costs are going up. It does not ship exclusively with the USPS, and this is one area where costs will continue to rise. However, since Amazon Prime bundles its free shipping with its streaming video service, even for those who do not want or use it, many are speculating that the price increase is related to the announcement of the $1 billion production costs associated with the Lord of the Rings prequel series that will be coming soon to Amazon Prime.