Amazon's "Jack Ryan": A hero out of time?

The world needs Jack Ryan, but can he exist in our world?

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed “Jack Ryan”. The production value was obviously high. There were fewer details that…

I’ve read every Clancy novel, most of them multiple times. I watched the movies with a gimlet eye, angered when they, inevitably, missed the depth of the novels. It’s hard to cram the intricacies of international espionage in a 90-minute film. Harder still is taking a well-known character, with a well-developed back story, and updating him for the times. There’s a reason that James Bond’s history is always nebulous: modern viewers have rarely read the Ian Fleming novels and a shadowy leading man is much easier to re-cast. Jack Ryan may be one of those characters better left in the—recent—past. He’s just too good for our times.