All this Stormy stuff is used to weaken Trump.Conservatives are under siege in this country and Trump is our general.We knew what we were getting when we voted for him.If Trump,Melania and Stormy had a threesome I care not.As long as Trump delivers pro life judges that should be the Standard...The Left rightly protected Bill...we should protect ours...this is war don’t you know and naivety don’t win wars

I disagree with your premise that the left was right to protect Bill. The smart move politically maybe, but protecting a serial abuser of women is never the right thing to do. As The Five Pilgrims put it before the election:

"Conservatives – particularly Christian conservatives – do [have something to lose]. They have claimed for years to be different, to occupy the moral high ground, to choose good candidates, and to be more interested in truth than they are in getting their way. This is why Trump was and is such a dangerous candidate. In order to defend Trump, modern evangelicals are now becoming the equivalent of 1990s Democrats. They are ignoring, excusing, accepting, and even enabling him at this very moment. This very obvious hypocrisy is not lost on the larger world who still remembers well their treatment of Clinton. Indeed some of the very people defending Trump now were the loudest to denounce Clinton for the same sins. When a man like Trump became the Republican nominee, this choice was virtually inevitable: stand by your principles and lose to Hillary or sell them out, destroying your integrity and your witness. Either way, the Devil wins.

I would argue that for the Christian, this is no choice at all. The former option in the argument above may result in some temporal persecution (which we’re told to expect anyway) but the latter will do immediate and lasting damage to our integrity and our witness. Contrary to popular belief, we are not called to fix the world by our own lights or even to preserve our own rights (though doing either when we can isn’t a bad thing, of course). Sadly, we lost this battle the moment Trump became the nominee. Now we simply must decide what to do with the time and choices before us. To me, it’s clear: we are called to do what is right, to preserve our witness, and to trust God."


No, Trump weakened Trump by all his affairs. The moment you choose not to live an honorable life, you CHOOSE to deal with the consequences of your bad decisions. Trump came into public office with a ton of scandalous behavior in his past - he should know that no skeletons remain in the closet once you go into politics. The media is using this scandal against him because that's what the media does: they hunt down or generate scandal about Republicans, not just because news of scandal sells, but also because they have a political agenda.

Trump made a bad choice, and now he is facing the natural consequences of it. He could have chosen to be loyal to his wife, but instead he chose to do something scandalous. And now you want him not to have to face what happens after a choice like that? Sorry, but you reap what you sow - you don't have to like that, but it's reality.

The party that chose a scandal-ridden candidate (over a number of solid candidates who have lived honorable lives) now also has to deal with the consequences of their choice - and they have no right to complain about the media reporting on this, or about anyone's reaction to the news, because they CHOSE to put him in office (despite knowing he had a myriad of actual skeletons in his closet). They set themselves up for this. And they can't legitimately expect anyone who isn't a political hack to pretend like this newest skeleton doesn't matter.


Trump is not our general. A general gives orders that are to be followed and obeyed. A better analogy is a team captain. Support the guy when you can, but when he misses a tackle or throws an interception, he has to answer for it like anyone else. We have to have some moral standard and be willing to call wrong, wrong, no matter who it is. From a pure, immediate political perspective, sure support your guy no matter what he does. Where is the line? What if he's screwing around with an 18 year old intern in the WH. Is that okay? After all it doesn't affect his policy positions. What if she is 16? What if she is 14? He could still be involved with a 14 year old and nominate pro-life judges. Do you see my point and the flaw in having no standards that you are willing to condemn. If we don't have standards, we don't have any standards. I'm not saying we should throw Trump from office over this. We should be willing to unequivocally condemn it. "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?"

This Stormy stuff does not matter to conservatives. We are grown ups and well aware no politician comes without baggage, as no human being is sinless. An affair a decade ago is between Trump and his wife. I’ll spend my time concerned with my own family. And I will still vote for Trump as the lesser of two evils.