"All That Red": Democrats Are Going To Need a Bigger Tent

Hillary Clinton's despicable point about "red states" and PA18's close result mean Dems have a civil war coming.

She, Herself said it: "all that red in the middle."

PA18 proves her point, that people, properly "woke" to the, umm, features, of a Trump presidency, will turn out for the right Democrat. Hence, since Trump's election, safe seats (even GA6, where I reside) have become closely contested races. And Dems might have, by the time you read this, taken their first blood in a Congressional election year.

They'll proclaim it the beginning of the "wave." But reality doesn't change what Hillary said, despicable as those remarks are.

Red doesn't magically become blue.

The issues important to people who live in "all that red in the middle" are still important. Even in blue, states, there's plenty of people who care about the Second Amendment, plenty of people who support a baby's right to be born as a full person in the womb.

As Erick Erickson observed, "If Democrats are smart enough to run non-Pelosi types in red districts, that will exacerbate the GOP wipeout." That portends a civil war in the Democratic universe.

It means Democrats will have to choose between litmus tests on "intersectional" issues, especially extreme gun bans, social progressive issues-of-the-day, anti-faith, and abortion--and winning "red" seats.

It's not about "red" and "blue." Voters will support whoever best represents their concerns. Hillary hit the issue head on. "All that red" is not going away. If the Democrats want to keep their tent small, filled with insane clowns and race baiters, that's fine with me. But winning tends to be a motivator for change.

They're going to need a bigger tent.

I will wait for the final results as we are a long way away from them, but it is obvious that the Democrats have some momentum. I think it is important to stop and think about why that is. The economy is going well, people have more money in their pockets, all electoral signs based on the direction of the country is improving. However, the GOP is stuck into a mode where the base is not that motivated and the left is whipped up into a frenzy. I think the main reason for this is the constant crap show that Trump performs. It distracts and turns off marginal supporters, while ginning up the other side. I know a lot of people on here want to claim it is some 8 dimensional chess that Trump plays, but the overall picture shows it to be an epic failure. Not his Presidency, but the clown show that he puts on. The GOP should be looking at gains, not loses given the attitudes and direction of the country. You can blame the media, and they have gotten worse, but they have been this way for several decades. That isn't it. The failure of the GOP Congress to address some big issues, like Obamacare, has some impact, but I don't think it is the major reason because they have been that way since the Gingrich Revolution in the mid-90s ended. The real difference and new element to the mix is the behavior of Trump. It simply does matter when it comes to winning and losing elections. The sooner we acknowledge that, the better off we will be able to counter it.

I will note that Democrats are generally known for having a somewhat bigger tent. In the past they've been able to balance groups whose views are necessarily in line with each other like unionized work (who want more industry) and environmentalists. It's the GOP who has been steadily moving in the direction of older, whiter, Christioner, straighter, administering purity tests on ideology and making the perfect the enemy of the good. Donald Trump won because he rejected that some and reached out to some Democrats who were frustrated by their party seeming to ignore them. The spate of special election losses seems to indicate that those same people have decided that Trump was just conning them after all.

At least Dem's will hang on to their principles. I thought free trade, family values and honesty were a major element of Conservative thought. Not according to Trump. And Ryan doesn't seem to bothered about it.

Nearly all elected Democrats espouse the "right" to rip a baby apart in the womb and throw it in the garbage. California Democrats support votes over life with their "sanctuary state" policies. With this background, how hard will it be to flip these "pro-2nd amendment" Democrats? "I personally support gun rights," they'll say, "But firearms must be restricted." Liars, every one of them.


I don't know. Didn't California used to have a "lot of Red" in it? Sure doesn't seem to much left in it now.