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A University In Texas Is Teaching Men How To Talk Like Women

This is more than an educational, political, or even gender issue. It’s a theological one.

A new class is being offered at Texas Tech that aims to help men talk like women. Remember the good old days when college classes taught you things that would help you find a job? What kind of a job can a man find by learning how to talk like a woman.

Never mind. I don’t want to know the answer to that.

The class is led by speech pathologists Angela Van Sickle and James Dembowski who told The College Fix that their instruction, “is for individuals transitioning from male to female or female to male.” They add, “We work toward creating a voice that is representative of their gender/sex.”

If only someone would have told these speech pathologists that the work of “creating a voice” that is representative of the gender of these students has already been done. God did that when he created them. Instead, attempts to deny that creation or rebel against it are seen as brave.

Unless your name is Rachel Dolezal.

Remember her?

She’s the white lady who pretended to be black. She told several stories of her struggle as a black female. She taught black females how to be black females. She even became the president of the local chapter of the NAACP. In June of 2015, when it was discovered that Rachel is white, people were outraged. They rightfully pointed out that she was no different from a white actor in blackface. They correctly noted that you can’t choose your race but that you have to go with what you were born with. Many black women voiced their concern over the fact that Dolezal was trying to enjoy the benefits of being black without any of the struggle.

The general consensus was that Dolezal was going against the laws of nature and creation and that it was a sign of a bigger problem. She needed help.

Yet these arguments only seem to apply to race. When a person wants to change their gender, rather than having a long talk about identity and biology, there’s a class at Texas Tech, and a host of other universities, to help them through the process. Instead of addressing the root issues that would make them feel the need to transition from male to female they are taught by highly trained professionals how to talk like something that they are not.

This is more than an educational, political, or even gender issue. It’s a theological one.

God created human beings as males and females (Genesis 1:27). One gender does not have more or less dignity or worth than the other gender. Both, while being very different in very many ways, share the commonality that they are created in God’s image. Once the idea of God creating man in his image was abandoned, the chaos we see at Texas Tech was sure to follow. Brandon Waltens of Empower Texans writes, “Whether it’s at Texas Tech, UT-Austin, or any other college campus, there is no question higher education has become a breeding ground for leftist social engineering at the expense of actual education, not to mention taxpayer dollars.”

Wise parents will remember that the work of teaching and modeling masculinity and femininity are done at home. They will also note that many colleges are doing everything that they can to deconstruct that teaching. Helping men learn how to talk like women is just one swing of the wrecking ball.

Boys must be taught what it means to be a man. They must know that real manhood isn’t defined by juggling chainsaws while funneling beer, nor is it demonstrated in wearing a dress and uptalking. So too, girls must be taught that their worth is ultimately found in the fact that they have been created in God's image. This teaching must be done primarily by parents and secondarily by pastors, coaches, and the like. But such teaching cannot be expected from the university.

Colleges once existed for education.

Now, many function as progressive indoctrination centers.

Parents, prepare accordingly and enroll with caution.

How to talk like a woman.

1) Change the topic at least once mid-sentence. :)

2) When someone asks you a question for information, tell them about your experience of gaining the information and not the information.

Both of my kids have had Doug Giles Read to them, then they were assigned his books when they were older. Check them out! How to Raise Rowdy Girls and the boys' book I've just had a brain fart on!

No wonder kids are going into debt for a degree. Someone has to pay for this nonsense.


I realize it is a novel idea, but has anyone in higher education considered research into why someone is or wants to be queer? No apologizes for use of the scientific term, I just can't seem to keep up with the changing alphabet soup used for discussion or identification.