A Soldier's Perspective

Autumn Price interviews two soldiers on Syria, President Trump, and sending troops to the Mexican-American border.

Last week I spoke with two National Guard Infantrymen to get their thoughts on the situation in Syria, President Trump's decision to call the National Guard to the Mexican-American border, and how the President is doing so far.

PFC Avery Sorah, an Infantryman in the U.S. Army, is pleased with the job President Trump is doing so far, noting that he approves of Trump's decision to request state governors send National Guard troops to the border. For Sorah, deployments like this one are all a part of the job.

"I chose to join the Infantry for many reasons," he said. "Being on the front lines where the action is...that's the kind of purpose I felt I needed in my life. I wanted to know immediately that my choices were making a difference."

"Being a part of the Infantry is a dangerous job with many risks, but the reward is being able to say to yourself, 'I was challenged and I met it.' It's a rewarding experience."

"The brotherhood you get the opportunity to rewarding in itself. It is a unique dynamic. My squad has seen me laugh, cry, and get angry. They've built me back up."

Sorah says joining the Infantry helped him overcome major personal obstacles, but noted that the most important mission is to "secure freedom for all." He noted that he wouldn't be where he is today without the support of his mother, Candi, his wife, Paige, and his sister, Kaylee.

Deploying troops to the border is a good idea, Sorah says, noting that he lives five minutes from the border and knows firsthand "why the wall should be built."

"It would make a huge difference in safety for our nation and our troops. I firmly believe that everyone coming through our borders should have proper paperwork and documentation regardless of which country they are coming from," he said. "In my eyes, the National Guard is there to secure our border with things like vehicle maintenance, air surveillance, and engineering and logistical support."

Sorah says this assistance gives border patrol forces "the freedom to be more present and active at the border while carrying out their necessary tasks and duties."

He notes, however, that his commitment to serving his country through the Infantry has nothing to do with who sits in the Oval Office.

"I do believe that President Trump has made great efforts to make our armed forces stronger while making more opportunities available for them to serve," he said. "Things have improved, and I have hopes that President Trump will continue will continue to strive to make our military forces throughout the rest of his term in office."

PFC Logan Price, my younger brother and currently a student at Liberty University, also agrees with the decision to send guardsmen to the border.

"America does have an immigration problem," Price, an Infantryman, said, noting that if Virginia Governor Ralph Northam chooses to send members of the Virginia National Guard to the border he'd be "more than happy" to go.

"Soldiers enlist to obey their orders and serve their country, that's what makes us different than anybody else," he continued, noting he wonders how many people who complain about President Trump and his decisions made an effort to "fight for their country and make a difference."

"He was the best option the military had in the latest presidential election," Price said, noting that he feels that the country is more secure than it would have been if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been elected.

"I'd be more than happy to serve a country with a man in office that has a sense of pride and bravery than a man or woman in office who's a coward when it comes time to make a decision."

Price said the situation in Syria is "more complicated" than most people realize, noting that he does not see as much support in the nation for increased military efforts in the nation.

In terms of morale, Price says it's hard to see the disrespect he feels is present in the American media and political culture.

"I know guys who are literally putting their lives on the line for people back home overseas, and they’re home burning flags and kneeling for the national anthem. It’s hard not to take offense to those things," he said.

Price is thankful for the support of his mother, Cindy, sister, Autumn, and girlfriend Briteny.

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THANK YOU, soldiers, for your love of God, Family And Country. I served during VN and appreciate hearing about wonderful young men like you!