A Short Lived Respite

According to the parents, officials from Alder Hey proceed to court to terminate Alfie Evan's life support.

Despite reported meetings yesterday between Alder Hey Hospital staff, MEP Steven Woolfe and Alfie's parents that seemed to signal the hospital would consider allowing Alfie to be treated abroad, this was posted by his mother last night.

The family's lawyer has sent a letter to the hospital indicating that a hospital in Milan ​is willing to offer a second medical opinion and they expect the Vatican's hospital to do the same shortly. According to the mother's Facebook post, they have company willing to transport him as required.

One really has to question the motives of Alder Hey at this point. No one looking in from the outside calls what they are doing anything other than the most severe form of healthcare rationing imaginable. Why would they so vigorously oppose another facility caring for and examining the child? Who is so certain of their own infallible judgement that they would prefer to suffocate a child rather than allow a fresh look at his condition? Terrifying.

Their drive to control the language by calling the withdrawal of life sustaining treatment 'palliative care" should also be roundly rejected. What they are proposing is as compassionate as a frustrated caregiver holding a pillow over the face of an elderly, infirm patient to relieve themselves of the burden of care.

This is not healthcare. It is quite possibly the most barbaric form of resource management we have witnessed in a developed nation. Alder Hey should absolutely release Alfie to the facilities in Italy that have extended an offer. All they are really seeking is an empty hospital bed and releasing him preserves life and opens up their scarce resources.

Well and there you go. I have researched it at length and I lived in the UK for many years. Lennox needs a wake up call. Her entire story is false and irresponsible. They aren't killing Alfie. He is on "life support." His parents want to keep him artificially living because they love him. But in the UK, people don't pay for their medical care. It's socialized medicine. It is possible to buy a plan, but for the most part, people don't pay. The question to the European judges isn't, "Can we kill Alfie?" It is, "Is life support good in the best interest of the child? That's what Pope Francis meant when he said, "...the deep suffering of his parents may be heard." Heard by God, not mere mortals. I didn't realize Erickson was dealing in fake news.

I believe that everyone’s main concern is that this should be the parent’s decision, not the hospital’s. If the child were transported to a facility outside of the country, the UK health services would no longer be financially responsible, would they? Alfie’s parenta seem to think they have the funds required for alternative treatment. Thus, the payment issue doesn’t seem reasonable. If the parents wish to go broke trying (even if it’s in vain) to save their child, that should be their choice.

So you said: " I have researched it at length and I lived in the UK for many years. Lennox needs a wake up call. Her entire story is false and irresponsible.”

If you are going to bloviate about this, get specific.

First, if you have "researched it at length", please tell us the specific results of your research.

BTW, the fact that you " lived in the UK for many years" is irrelevant; it hardly makes you an expert because you lived somewhere in the past.

And you say: "Her entire story is false and irresponsible." Can you tell us precisely what is false about the story? And what makes the story irresponsible?

Finally, what is your position on this and similar situations. Who should make the ultimate decison on the healthcare of a child, the parents or the unholy mix of single payer healthcare in the UK and the government a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in the EU? And if you say the government bodies make the call, do they make it for you?

This is SICK in any civilized country. The child is the PARENTS' responsibility, not the State's. If there are any chances of my child or spouse being saved through another procedure, then I should have that option and I'll fight for it .

When anti-Christ people, in collusion with their government, are allowed to remove Godly morality from the nation the people of that nation are then taught and forced by government to accept the morality established by mortal man. The UK is further along in that process than the US; but the US is close behind and moving quickly! The issue in the UK with this child and family is exactly what goes along with socialized health care or sometimes referred to as universal health care; more recently here; Obamacare. It sounds great; everyone has free healthcare; but something that seems to good to be true usually is! When the government takes over healthcare the government controls the healthcare you receive; you may agree with the government's choice for your care but the choice is never yours. Proponents of government healthcare will say what is happening in the UK with this child and family could never happen in the US. The truth is that statement is made out of ignorance or an outright lie! While vacationing in south Texas three years ago my wife and I met a couple from Canada and I asked about the socialized healthcare system they have. He replied that it worked well, saying; "I needed heart by-pass surgery and was only on the waiting list for 6 months". His wife Mary corrected him to say it was just a little over 3 months. They thought that was good because they did't know there was anything better! Government may have opined that by requiring the wait time he might die and they would not have to pay the cost of surgery!

Alas, the parents aren't able to keep the child alive. They certainly can't restore him to fullness. For that, they require he medial professionals which is why those medical professionals get a say.

The medical professionals and courts act in loco parentis. It is the most barbaric form of rationing in a civilized country. It violates the very definition of palliative care according to the World Health Organization. Isaiah Haastrup reportedly struggled for several hours to breathe after his tube was removed. This action is not fundamentally different than smothering a child with a pillow.

Additionally, anyone who researched the Gard, Haastrup or Evans cases would have known multiple hospitals offered to receive the children, the parents had/have raised sufficient funds on their own & are literally being told they can’t use the money to pursue treatment for their children. So you don’t know the basics despite your research. Lots to say with very little actual knowledge.