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A Christmas lesson from The Grinch.

If The Grinch wasn't able to steal Christmas, what makes you think that the liberals will be able to do it?

Exactly. If our hearts are right we need not be upset because someone says "Happy Holidays" instead of Merry Christmas. Christmas is still Christmas.

When people say to me "Happy Holidays" I always respond with "which one." They look at me with a funny stare and say, "Christmas" then I say thank you, and a Merry Christmas to you.

Um, yeah, but the Grinch didn’t have the juggernaut of big government backing HIS play. . .

Merry Christmas wishing happiness for one day a year. What about Thanksgiving, New Years, and Hanukkah? Yes honor the birth of Christ, but he was born for more than one day. The Grinch can;t steal Christmas and his cousin can't steal patriotism from the true believers. We need to stop the petty thieves before it becomes grand theft. A few being offended is ridiculous to change tradition, they don't have to participate.