"Zero Tolerance" Immigration Policy Deteriorates Into Hostage-Taking

It's not, "Sign the deportation order or you'll never see your kids again." Except....it really is.

As a constitutional conservative, I support the rule of law. That, of course, includes immigration law. I've never…

But do so quietly, effectively, and with a minimum of bad optics. The Left, as on every other issue, has sought to emotionalize immigration, both legal and illegal, for their own partisan purposes (i.e. as a voter recruitment tactic). It's what they do. They have to do that because their motives are self-servingly ulterior and their ideas simply do not work. They seek to tear down and destroy America as it is and replace it with something it is not and was never meant to be. Most voters aren't going to willingly, rationally agree to such a thing; they have to be tricked, manipulated, into voting against their own interests. Turning off their brains and flooding their mental zone with emotions is the prime way of accomplishing that goal. Has been for decades. Consequently, it has always been incumbent upon Republicans, as the adult party, to take emotion out of issues and replace it with facts, figures, and reasoned arguments. They haven't always succeeded at that task, but they have often enough to remain politically and ideologically competitive.