Yowza... Massachusetts voters really don't want Liz Warren to run for President

They really don't like her... they really, really don't like her... for President

Amidst the ongoing drama surrounding the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, you might have missed this news out of Massachusetts.

It appears that even in her home state, arguably one of the three most liberal states in the country, progressive firebrand Elizabeth Warren isn't a popular choice for President.

In fact, voters there would rather see former Gov. Deval Patrick or former Secretary of State, Senator and failed 2004 presidential nominee John Kerry get the nod.

According to a new Suffolk University Political Research Center/Boston Globe poll, 58 percent of likely Massachusetts voters said they don’t think Warren should run for president. Only 32 percent said she should run.

33 percent said Kerry should run.

And fully 38 percent said Patrick should jump in the race, with only 48 percent saying he should stay out.

Perhaps even more worryingly for Warren, about as many Democrats said she should run as said she should not.

47 percent of women also oppose the idea.

Voters aged 46-55 oppose a Warren run most strongly, with 63 percent against.

Will the results keep Warren from jumping into the 2020 fray? There are plenty of signs she might not have much interest in doing so anyway (her husband reportedly dislikes the idea of stepping further into the public spotlight).

But this might be another datapoint that drives her away from the race and towards remaining a mere power-broker in the Democratic Party.