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Would Christians stop participating with the media when they claim that Jerusalem is holy to Jews, Muslims, and Christians? There are many good reasons for Christians to be pro-Israel, but not because Jerusalem is 'holy' to us. What makes Christianity distinct is that we don't acknowledge the idolatry of 'holy places.' Christians have the Holy Spirit, therefore, wherever they go is holy ground. Christians must carefully guard the distinctives of our faith against an ignorant media which would love to paint all religions with the same brush.

The more people, including and especially Christians, who abstain from taking what the media say, the more we will keep our country, our lives and our families future intact. What the media has done to our country, by becoming the conscience of the Democrat Party has only hurt those who allow them into our minds. The vast majority of the media is corrupting our minds every time we view them, and we should just walk away from it.