Who’s Colluding?

The day after the controversial Nunes FISA memo was cleared for release a new dossier is being discussed.

According to Representative Jim Hines (D-CT), the 4-page Nunes FISA memo contains both highly classified information and inaccurate allegations. He claims it’s full out outright lies that are exhaustively dealt with in a 10-page rebuttal memo produced by Democrat leadership that the Republican have prohibited from being made public.

In what appears to be confirmation from FBI sources, however, the truth may be on the side of Chairman Nunes and his team.

The flurry of activity surrounding the announcement, review, and release of the memo is certainly painting a very vivid picture.

In an article concerning Andrew McCabe’s ouster yesterday, I stated, “The final catalyst, however, was most likely FBI Director Christopher Wray’s personal review of the controversial memo on Sunday.” Confirming my speculation, Sara Carter and Sean Hannity discuss Wray being “shocked to his core” and telling McCabe not to return to the FBI.

Then, I learned about House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s letter to Director Wray requesting all of McCabe’s “documents and communications pertaining to the 2016 election,” and to preserve from “destruction or deletion” “all documents and communications pertaining to Mr. McCabe’s involvement in the pre-Special Counsel Russia investigation.”

Yesterday, the memo was cleared for public release, pending White House approval, and suddenly today there’s news of another dossier that was given to the FBI prior to the election.

One report from The Guardian claims the dossier was drafted by Cody Shearer, "a controversial political activist and former journalist who was close to the Clinton White House in the 1990s." He was also one of the names of interest contained in the letters sent earlier this week by Senators Grassley and Graham seeking detailed information regarding Christopher Steele's work on behalf of the DNC and Hillary for America.

The Guardian also claims the Shearer dossier independently corroborates some of the questionable details contained in the Steele/Fusion GPS dossier, yet admits the Shearer dossier was provided to the FBI by Steele. Huh?

No worries. Both claim the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) as their source. Nothing to see here. Move along…

So, let’s get this straight. Trump is being investigated for Russian collusion, yet after a year Mueller has not produce any proof. Instead, his probe seems to be pursuing obstruction of justice.

Conversely, we have proof the Clinton campaign and the DNC were paying for at least one of the two dossiers that claim the FSB as their source, maybe both. Plus, we have what appears to be a “secret society” within the FBI and DOJ seeking to prevent the election of President Trump, and since that failed, they have been trying to destroy him from within. Who's colluding?

Folks, what the Democrats and media have done appears to be projection. If all of the details prove to be true, they are accusing Trump and the Republicans of the very things they did.