We're going to need a new circle of Hell.

Because none of the ones described by Dante are horrific enough for this vile predator.

If you spent any time on social media this week, you probably saw this picture. This adorable little blonde girl in pigtails, dressed in pink and clutching her doll. Perhaps you even shared it in the hopes that she would be rescued and returned to her mother.

But poor Mariah Woods has been found. In truth, she was never missing. She is dead. She was dead when her mother reported her disappearance to the police. Her body has been recovered, and her mother's boyfriend has been charged with her murder and allegedly sexually abused her before her death.

Her father said he found out about her disappearance from the media. That was probably the first red flag that went up in coverage of this case. Your daughter is missing, you call the police, but you don't even bother to tell her father? The father has now filed for custody of his remaining 2 children. He also claims that their mother's boyfriend abused all 3 of the children and that their mother knew about it and did nothing.

(On a side note, have you ever noticed how often cases like this include the phrase "The mother's boyfriend?")

In Dante's "Divine Comedy" he describes in gory detail the 9 circles of hell. (They talk about it a lot in that Tom Hanks movie.) The punishments grow more gruesome and the sins more serious as he descends levels. The 9th circle is reserved for the treacherous and they spend eternity bound to a lake of ice. That's not sufficient for someone who would rape and murder a child. We're going to have to break out the shovels and dig a 10th circle for those who prey upon innocent children and those that allow them to do it. Perhaps being flayed alive and suspended in molten lava would be a good start for the first 1,000 years or so.

We won't have to have another circle. In fact, if some jury doesn't take care of this, God will.

“The mother’s boyfriend” — oh, yeah. These predators look for beautiful children with desperate single moms, particularly single moms with substance abuse issues. The best thing a woman can do for her children is stay married to their dad, even if she’s miserable, so long as he’s not a violent abuser. That’s just the cold, hard truth of being a woman.


So many unforseen problems can arise from out of wedlock sex, and the births that accompany them.


And you notice the actual father's of these children get off scott free. You left your precious children with a woman you knew was abusing them and taking drugs but now, we're supposed to feel sorry for YOU?

Never Trump Gal You obviously do not understand the Family Court system and how it literally generates revenue by separating the fathers from their children and siding with the [sick, mentally ill, drug addicted, and/or violent and sometimes convicted ] "mother" almost every time! UNLESS a behind doors DEAL i$ struck with the Judge! This isn't a rare thing. this is the PREVAILING CURRENT POLICY IN EVERY STATE. Family courts, Family "services/Custody services" and the "foster care" system are making a killing in this racket. Sometimes even literally. Read about the Mette case yet? You should but only if you can handle the horrible truth.


and where does it say in your article the mother was a drug addict? is this your version of truth in reporting? Dig a little bit more into this before you make assumptions and you'll have plenty of fodder for a REAL news story that will potentially blow the lid off of this side of "family courts".

I am painfully aware that this is the default position in family courts. It is slowly changing, It NEEDS to change.

I did read in one of the accounts that the mother was suspected of drug use. Maybe not in the link I posted. But I am not a reporter nor have I ever claimed to be. I post commentary on news stories of the day.