We cant' make conservatism great by compromising our values

To win new voters and ensure our ideals succeed, we have to double down on them.

We say we want to end the budget deficit. Then we reduce to debt rate instead of ending it.

We say we want to repeal Obamacare. Then we make half-hearted efforts to repeal Obamacare, which (surprise, surprise) end up in failure.

Now we say we want to cut taxes. The media is presenting this as a tax cut on the rich and a drag on the economy. Have you heard high-ranking conservatives make serious efforts to dispel this idea? Nor have I.

To make conservatism a success, we can't let our values get trudged in the mud. We need to promote them to the public and counter leftist caricatures of them as cruel and wicked.

It doesn't help that Conservatives, who have supported the values, beliefs and basic requirements to call themselves, Republicans. Are forced to endure the cultist rants and nonsensical, new recruits of the red, mad hatters!

There are no conservatives in DC. Conservatism died the day Trump became president.

Hardly, conservatism died when the Progressive Era bloomed in both national parties. It was revived for a spell by Coolidge, then again by Reagan. But the Bushes drove a stake in its heart, and Trump is trying to revive the corpus by altering the judicial landscape for a season. If he had cooperation from the GOP progressives, he might make greater strides, but alas, RINOs do what RINOs do, and they aren't conservative at all. In fact, even less than Trump, who clearly is not a doctrinaire conservative.


Too many people are waiting for "conservative leadership". Local elections were widely held two weeks ago; did you vote? Did you know who was running, and what else was on the ballot? The leftist rot begins on the school board; neither McConnell, Murkowski, nor Collins will change that. You will.

Conservatism at the national level is dead. We have lost the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary. Not completely, but to such an overwhelming extent that those glimmers of hope are nothing more than that. The STATES have the power and the constitutional authority to return decision making to the people. An Article V convention for proposing amendments is the solution provided by the Founders. www.conventionofstates.com

We can't make conservatism great again by playing by the Democrat's rules, either. Before everyone has their nineteenth nervous breakdown over Judge Roy Moore, you might consider that. By buying into the argument that Moore "may be guilty", "you" might consider how you might feel if "you" were the one being charged with something only "you" know whether or not "you" did. Moore has come out swinging against these charges, yet, Republicans are worried over the appearance they might be stuck with, if Moore was guilty of something. Some things will just have to be left up to God, since we humans have a capability, known as deception. The Democrats have been very deceptive and have used this very stunt to a great level of success, plus the Weinstein factor being thrown into the mix. Personally, I'm tired of the Democrats getting away with their stunts. It's because we play by their rules.


Your purist remarks ignore all that Trump has done with both low level judicial appointments and his Supreme Court choice (and future choices). The revival of the economy lifts conservatives instead of starving them (literally) in an economic sense. I'll add this: We couldn't elect Robert Taft or William Buckley as President. When people came to Abe Lincoln to complain about the winning General Grant's drinking habits, Lincoln replied by asking for the name of whiskey Grant drank - so he could send a case of it to all of his other (do nothing) generals.


Republicans don't know how to fight. The dems do. Any tax cut is going to be called "tax cut for the rich". All the GOP has to do is show the figures and point out that they are almost the only ones that pay the taxes. If the "tax cut for the rich" montra does not work then they claim racism. Beyond that they have no words.

It is always amazing how many people object to making America great again, preferring the not so slow slumber into the third world. That those that created the decline continue to champion the socialist dogma that gives us such obvious examples as Detroit and now Baltimore to name just a couple of them. not to mention the progressive social insanity that accompanies their economic insanity.

Compromise is a tool of the "progressives". They move their agenda forward with one small compromise after another. Each one seems innocent in itself, but each sets the precedent for the next and before you know it, the entire issue has been lost and reversing it is next to impossible. As my mother always said, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

Conservatism is not dead. Just as there will always be a remnant of true followers of Christ, there will be a remnant of those that are truly conservative. In the grand scheme, none of this truly matters. What matters most is that you are in the remnant of those that follow Christ, the only Truth.

Every election counts. In every race we should hold to our values, godly first, conservative second. With few exceptions, every elitist statist in both parties started out as a local officeholder. They all eventually toe the party line - liberals with a D and liberal lite with an R.

Sadly, the conservative movement appears to be dead. Those of us left need to do a lot of soul searching. We had a chance to nominate the most conservative candidate since Reagan, but we ended up with Trump. We're not a majority in America. We're not even a majority in the Republican party. We've been battling the "establishment" for so long and then we got blindsided when the Populists came in and took over the party. Clearly we have lost the battle of ideas. We need to figure out a way to sell them.

Who is this "we" you keep speaking of? If there is anything to be learned from recent events, it is that most Republicans in Congress are NOT conservatives. Nor are they people of character. They campaign promising one thing and when elected run from those promises. Worse, they are actually socialists. They want the power same as the leftists. They just think they can do a better job running our lives. That not a conservative. The fact is there are precious few conservatives in Congress.

Trump has been very successful in implementing his agenda when he was not blocked by RINO's and Democrats. He has reduced many burdesome regulations and has directed that 2 regulations must be removed for each 1 that is enacted. He may not be the politically correct president many would prefer; but he is the most conservative person we have in the White House! He needs our support AND we need his help. PLUS, we need more 'REAL' conservatives at the state level.

Conservatism is not dead, at all, and the introduction of Trump into politics is just a reminder of how little we attach to ideas and how political fights can go awry. Those who also attach conservatism and religion and take it only in that direction leaves out all those who wish to keep things properly spaced and utilized. Christianity is not the sole arbiter of conservatism. What about capitalism and the prospect that men need to be free to trade in order for capitalism to thrive? Capitalism is not wholly owned by religion, either, but there are things that need to be understood. For free men to exist in civilization, and to be free enough to believe in Christ, our Savior, at the same time, we need to understand that we can't place every burden on the back of our religious belief, but that we should use those beliefs in a way that allows those ideas to freely exist in our society. I believe we should back away from using Christianity as a roadblock and use it as a guiding light, but when it comes down to things, like conservatism, which is an ideology, not a religious construct, and not a philosophical construct, we should allow for some adjustments in the way we approach issues, like conservatism. I refuse to believe that conservatism and Christianity are joined at the hip, and that only those who claim to be Christians can be considered as conservatism. I am a Christian, and that means I love and respect those of other religious faiths without having to agree with them on every issue. A Jew is not a Christian, except those Messianic Jews. How about them? Can they not be conservatives?