Watching College Football: Week 8

I'm back to help you choose what to watch this glorious college football Saturday.

Well hi! Let’s talk about the latest and greatest in college football, breaking down what you should have on your big screen, your second screen, and your scoreboard as you consume the awesomeness offered to you this Saturday. It’s your day off. Or maybe it isn’t! I hope it is though. Regardless, you need to keep up with college football, because college football is amazing. And I’m here to help filter out the noise and cut to the chase: which games are worth your while? Let’s start with...


Big Screen: Start with a rivalry that rarely disappoints, Michigan vs. Michigan State (11a, FOX). Sparty has one of the most talented rushing defenses in the nation, and Michigan so often uses the run as the base for their offense. If Jim Harbaugh can’t find a way to innovate, he may not be able to win, and given his precarious perch on the hot seat that could be bad for him. This is bound to get scrappy.

Second Screen: This game certainly looked better a few weeks ago, but Oklahoma vs. TCU (11a, ABC) will still produce entertainment. An Oklahoma loss really puts them on the ropes for Playoff contention, if not outright eliminates them, and TCU is a dangerous team with precisely nothing to lose. Watch out for an upset here.

Watch the Score: Auburn vs. Ole Miss (11a, ESPN); Duke vs. Virginia (11:30a, no TV)


Big Screen: Yes, the ACC is the weakest conference this year, but Clemson vs. NC State (2:30p, ESPN) is still very much worth your time. Both teams are undefeated (!!) so this game has serious Playoff implications, and neither team has really been tested so far. Who’s really got the moxie to punch at their weight? We will find out.

Second Screen: Penn State vs. Indiana (2:30p, ABC) is an underrated matchup this week. I still consider Penn State to be the second best Big 10 team behind Ohio State, due mostly to their strong performance against the aforementioned Buckeyes. Yes, they’ve lost two games, but they were both to very good teams and both were close. Indiana is always a secretly decent squad and a tough win, so here’s the question: are the Nittany Lions demoralized, or will they rise up against a team they should still beat?

Watch the Score: Alabama vs. Tennessee (2:30p, CBS); Colorado vs. Washington (2:30p, FOX)


Big Screen: Who likes DA COACH O? Connor does. The Tigers and their Cookie-Monster-voiced coach head to the Land of CLANGA in **LSU vs. Mississippi State (6p, ESPN). (**If you don’t get the lingo, CLANGA refers to the cowbells. You'd hear them if this game was in Starkville, but it's on the Tigers' turf instead.) LSU is probably the second best SEC team right now, but the Bulldogs have a strong offensive attack and the Tigers have shown flaws.

Second Screen: Oregon vs. Washington State (6:30p, FOX) is a classic trap game, and it’s about time the PAC 12 began its annual tradition of eating itself and thereby preventing any of its teams from competing in the Playoff. Oregon has truly impressed me, but College Gameday’s coming to Pullman, WA, and the Cougars will be fired up. If the Ducks aren’t ready, they may get fried.

Watch the Score: USC vs. Utah (7p, PAC12N)


I really tried, guys. I really did. But there's nothing good on at all in the late night slate. This sometimes happens because the good College Football Gods know we mere mortals need beauty sleep. I suggest you take advantage of it!

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Bud Jason the Kid
Bud Jason the Kid

I believe Fl St, Miami, or Va Tech would beat Washington, AT Washington. This makes the Pac 12 the weakest conference. Also, expect the Boilermakers to challenge Ohio St at home. They most certainly will cover.

Thomas Swander
Thomas Swander

Perhaps you missed the fact that the number two ranked team in the US is playing at 7:30 on NATIONAL tv. Just an oversight, I'm sure. Go Buckeyes!