Watching College Football: Week 5

Helping you keep up with all the college football action this Saturday.

I love college football. The pageantry, the tradition, the slam-bang action and humanity and craziness every week – it’s unlike any other sport, and a great way to relax on a Saturday.

But it’s hard sometimes to keep up with it all. There’s tons of games being played at any one time. How will you ever keep up with every pick-six, every leaping touchdown, every last-second field goal?

Before every week, I take a look at the games and decide which ones I’m going to watch on my big ol’ TV, which ones I’ll keep on my “second screen” (read: my iPad) in case they get exciting, and which ones I’ll just check the score for every now and then. That way, I get the most out of my college football experience.

And now, for you dear readers of The Resurgent, I’ll provide you with that same breakdown every week, so you can stay up on what’s up in college football. 

Below, I'll predict which games will be the most entertaining and rank them accordingly. All times are in God's Time Zone (or as it’s otherwise known, CST).


Big Screen: The biggest pointsplosion of the day, more likely than not, will be West Virginia vs. Texas Tech (11am,ESPN2). WVU is still my favorite to win the Big 12 and should take care of business, but Tech's offense is not bad. They'll probably catch the Mountaineer D off guard a few times. Tons of passing and athletic play here.

Second Screen: Gimme the secretly decent ACC matchup of Clemson vs. Syracuse (11am, ABC). Yes, Clemson will probably win, but Syracuse is undefeated with very consistent middle-of-the-road squads on offense and defense. The Orange may have enough gumption to make this game competitive.

Watch the Score: There’s really not much else going on in the morning, but those two games should be enough to keep your eyeballs occupied. Onward!


Big Screen: I recommend Baylor vs. Oklahoma (2:30p, ABC). Don't laugh. Baylor has a potent, multi-faceted offense and a scrappy defense. If they catch Oklahoma napping after a squeaker against Army and possibly looking ahead to next week's Red River Rivalry tilt with Texas, this game could be much closer than expected.

Second Screen: You're gonna have to wait a little longer than usual for this one to get started, but Florida vs. Mississippi State(5p, ESPN) could get very silly indeed. Gator QB Felipe Franks is far from elite and may get picked off a good few times by the 13th ranked defense in the nation. On the other hand, MSU's Nick Fitzgerald hasn't been the picture of consistency either. This one should reach halftime by the time the night games roll around. By then, better things will be on.

Watch the Score: Tennessee vs. Georgia (2:30p, CBS); Texas vs. Kansas State (2:30p, FS1)


Big Screen: There's about three different games that could take up your TV's real estate this evening, but I'll take two bluebloods banging their heads together for the prime spot: Stanford vs. Notre Dame (6:30p, NBC). The Fighting Trees looked great against Oregon last week, showing off their receiving talent in addition to Heisman hopeful and future doctor Bryce Love. But Doctor Love and the Stanford offense will have a tougher time with the Irish defense. Notre Dame also hopes its woes on offense are over now with a new signal-caller under center replacing embattled former QB Brandon Wimbush. Lots of intrigue going into this one.

Second Screen: Watching College Football is all about picking the most entertaining games for your viewing pleasure. So rather than selecting Ohio State's tilt with undefeated Penn State for this spot, I'll go out on a limb and recommend South Carolina vs. Kentucky (6:30p, SEC Network). Kentucky's undefeated and surprisingly efficient on both sides of the ball, but South Carolina's no slouch and wants to prove it. The stakes feel pretty high here, which should make for some exciting play.

Watch the Score: Virginia Tech vs. Duke (6p, ESPN2); Ohio State vs. Penn State (6:30p, ABC); BYU vs. Washington (7:30p, FOX)


Big Screen: The Ducks were so much fun to watch last week, so let's see how they do against a facially unimpressive but otherwise fine Cal squad. Oregon vs. California (9:30p, FS1) should be an excellent nightcap, and a close game if you buy the line. I do love me some #Pac12AfterDark.

Second Screen: This may be over by halftime, but LSU vs. Ole Miss (8:15p, ESPN) is the only other game of note in the wee hours of the night. If nothing else, Joe Burrow is a pretty good QB, and DA COACH O's Cookie-Monster-esque growl in the halftime interview should be funny.

Watch the Score: Again, nothing else really on, but that's OK!

No. 1-3

Conner, Your map appears to have a university from every state except one. South Dakota. Give us a little love and put our D1 university on the map. UND and SDSU (South Dakota State University) are ranked #1 & #3 NCAA FCS Div 1-AA and are playing each other today. UND lost to SDSU last year in what is know as The Dakota Marker game. Thks


Washington and BYU should be entertaining!

Thomas Swander
Thomas Swander

Totally agree with all your picks. Who would want to watch the number 4 ranked team play the number 9 ranked team. You know, the team's with the number 1 and 2 ranked offenses, featuring two of the best QB's in the country. Dang, you are just as bad as connersjay. Pitiful. Go Buckeyes!